Hey Frase Testimonials

Anya Hughes, Direct Wine Cellars on working with the Hey Frase Podcast
“If you have not yet booked an advertising slot on the podcast you are missing out. Sarah’s podcast has a great reach and incredible interaction from the listeners. I’ve been so pleased with the ROI for my business that I’m eager to partner with Sarah further. I’d recommend building a relationship with her now, to get on her already successful, fast-moving, multi-media train of influence.”

Alicia Kenworthy, Matchmaker, Three Day Rule
“As a professional matchmaker in the Washington D.C. area, appearing on “HeyFrase” was not only fun but it helped grow my business! Immediately after Sarah featured Three Day Rule on her podcast, I signed one of my best clients on her endorsement alone. Her listeners are loyal, engaged, and eager to show their support for a media personality who has kept them laughing and up-to-date on pop culture and lifestyle in the DMV for over a decade.”

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