Archive: October 2013

I no longer want someone else’s body.

Sarah Fraser shares her story about she struggled for years wanting to look like a thin actress or model on a magazine cover. 

I use to want several thin actresses bodies. Not only did I want the thigh gap and my back ribs to show I use to BELIEVE that my life would be easier and happier if I did. Its taken me 3 years to give up dieting and find my natural weight, it feels amazing to no longer want to be someone else.   

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Halloween Costumes for Women who Don’t Want to Go as Miley Cyrus

I don’t know about you but some Halloween’s I’m just over dressing up as a sexy cop, sexy pizza, or sexy whatever, not to mention this year we’ll be seeing a lot of Miley Cyrus’s and Breaking Bad charcters…So here are a couple of my alternative ideas for you ladies looking to change up your Halloween costume.  


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