Archive: November 2013

If you could ask your mother just 3 questions what would they be?

What have you always wanted to know about your mother? Mistakes she's made, great things she's done but never shared, or how she really feels about the guy you're dating? HA. Happy, interesting, funny, or sad I'm sitting my mom down for a surprise 3 question interview this Thanksgiving week. I...

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The “You’re Fired Myth” Debunked.

Are you good at your job, always being praised, have faith in your ability and skills but you're constantly worried about being fired? Did that just sound like an infomercial?HAHA...well, I have news for you, you're not getting fired. Nope, in fact just the opposite, your company probably...

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Ishita Gupta

A couple of weeks ago a friend of mine forwarded this email to me from Ishita Gupta's mailing list. I had never heard of Ishita but after reading this email I had to visit her website. She's a confidence guider and business consultant. Her message is that you can build the exact business and life...

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Your last 5 photos challenge..

I admit that I love going thru peoples homes, drawers, and cell phone pictures. So fun to peer into someone else's life. It got me thinking if you were to go thru the last 5 pictures on my phone without me explaining, what judgements would you make about me?Below are the last 5 pictures I took on...

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Advantage Financial

Advantage Financial is a DC based Credit Union! Earn $50 when you open a new account!