Archive: June 2014

What really happened at The View??

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="1240.0"] Picture by CondeNast - [/caption] Occasionally I get good hollywood scoop directly from a hollywood star themselves. This week I got a little report I thought I would share on what really happened behind the scenes at The View (my...

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Do you need really need to WARN someone if you’re rocking this?

You know what...I'm proud to say I'm rocking a 70's bush down there and I LOVE it. Yup, I'm actually blogging about my pubes and I don't care. In fact ladies I think you should do it too. I'm following Cameron Diaz's recent advice and I'm "In Praise of Pubes." I think you're gonna love a...

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Should I have genetic testing or not? My new health journey

I'm scared to death of getting cancer. I know its no longer a death sentence but having watched one parent die from it and one parent go through it, I fear hearing those words…'you have cancer.' So I've decided to really take charge of my health. I'm starting to do the research for genetic...

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