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Robin Mize and Me talking Mindful Eating! Robin has changed my life! As you know…I LOVE therapy. 

Robin Mize and Me talking Mindful Eating! Robin has changed my life! As you know…I LOVE therapy. 

Things are really getting into a good groove on Sarah, Ty, and Mel. Last week was our sixth full week on air and I can really say that I feel like Ty, Mel, Samy K. and I are gelling better than I could have imagined. Radio morning shows are just like an Improv troop. The players have to listen and play off every single topic that is brought up all while keeping it funny, entertaining, and in our case inspiring. Harder than you think.

That rhythm takes awhile and I really appreciate you listening and checking out the show. So in addition to the morning show I also wanted to start my own podcast where I could tackle all kinds of topics and not have to go to commercial. Last week was my first podcast called: The Sarah Fraser Show: From Anatomy To Zen. From talking about penis to mindful living, this podcast is gonna cover it all. LOL.

I decided to have my mindful eating and living therapist Robin Mize on for the first show. Robin and I talk about my years of negative body image, giving up dieting, and how you can trust yourself with food! I hope you enjoy it and the next episode will be out this Tuesday at – My brother is on this week talking about his sobriety.

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Sarah Fraser Show: From Anatomy To Zen Episode 1. Why I came back to DC and my Mindful Living Therapist, Robin Mize talks giving up dieting and finding your natural weight. Click HERE

Also – Here’s more on Robin Mize

XO, Sarah 

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  1. Andrea Barnes

    Love that you’re back in the DC area and fighting for your dreams. Loving your show so far and def have it programed as a set radio station in my car

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