Anatomy to Zen Podcast: Meet Mimi clairvoyant Spiritual Advisor

Mimi and Me at her McLean, VA office 

Mimi and Me at her McLean, VA office 

I’m a huge fan of this week’s podcast guest. Mimi is a clairvoyant spiritual advisor who contacted me several months ago with an urgent message…don’t quit. Those words hit me like a hammer. I don’t care what anyone says…when you go for your dreams when you jump off a cliff and leave the comforts of a job or town you grew up in you have doubts. 

I know I have a calling in life but to build something great takes time. So sitting down with Mimi for a reading was so inspiring. She gave me insight on when our morning show Sarah, Ty, and Mel will be number one, my biggest fear, and why calling someone a psychic is a BIG NO NO! Sorry psychics 🙁 Enjoy, Frase


Book a reading with Mimi on her website: 

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