The Makeup Date

Join Sarah & Bloomingdale’s for an exclusive runway show featuring Fall’s best new beauty trends and indulge in a one-on-one session with an expert makeup artist! You’ll receive a limited-edition cosmetic bag with your purchase of $125 or more and take home an exclusive tote...

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The Power Workshop

Sarah will discussing and sharing her personal journey of success with her talk "Designing and Directing Your Personal Journey' Tickets are limited. To register:...

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5 Podcasts I’m listening to right now!

Lots of you email or message me asking to share other podcast shows that I enjoy listening to. Here are 5 of my current favorites that I can't turn off. I love discovering new podcasts so please share some of your favorites below in the comment section and I will be sure to check them...

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Ask and Fight For What You Want and Say No to What You Don’t Want

Do you know what you really want in life? In your career? In your relationship? Do you know how to ask for it and then say no to all the distractions that keep you from having it? IF you do, I admire you. This has been one of my greatest struggles in life. I know exactly what I want (I've shared...

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Here’s the new puppy Samy is adopting!

Sad news friends...over the weekend Samy's beloved dog Slash died from heart complications. Slash was Samy's trusted friend for 9 yrs and lived a great life. From hanging with Justin Bieber to smoking a lot of weed he lived a rock star life style. In memory of Slash I wrote a couple of...

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Is this mama too sexy?

Why can't a mom be sexy? This friend-fan of ours was on the podcast today talking about some backlash she got for posting this picture of her son. She says there's a double standard...once you become a mom you're no longer allowed to be sexy. What do you there anything wrong with...

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The Disney Inspired Halloween Costume Everyone Is Furious About…

Thank you to our listener and friend-fan Marc S. who sent us this picture. Marc wanted to know our thoughts on this 'Captain Hook Getting Eaten By Tick Tock Crocodile' Halloween Costume that is popular on Pinterest. Is it inappropriate and should Disney stop selling it after the tragic death of a...

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Pictures: Rock Your Bod: Positive Body Image Rally 2016

Thank you to everyone who came out to DC's First Positive Body Image Rally this past Saturday. You are incredible and I'm so grateful that you supported this event. I have gained and lost over 150lbs in my lifetime and I was always the woman at the beach covered from head to toe so no one could...

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