Did I just get my image and joke stolen by a famous comedian?


I woke up Sunday morning to several instagram tags and tweets that famous comedian Nick Swardson decided to use a picture of me from my instagram. Not only did he use my pic he also used my butt darts comment and turned the idea into his own post. First, I was very flattered and still am but I’m also questioning why he didn’t credit me?

IDK maybe he has an on-going bit about butt darts that I’m not aware of but his post sure seemed like stealing an image and an idea. I feel like I just got The Fat Jewish treatment on this one. What do you think…should I ask Swardson to give me credit for this or let it go because guess what it’s the internet!?

Comment below. Xo, Frase


My original Butt Dart Pic

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  1. He should give you the credit. You are a celebrity.

  2. Diane

    I will admit – At first, I was on the fence about this one. Initially, I didn’t feel like there was malicious intent on Nick’s part and that made me believe that your reaction was a slight dramatic. While I still son’t feel his intention was malicious, I started to think about how I would feel if this situation happened to me.

    I asked myself: How would I feel if, all of a sudden, one of my instagram or facebook pictures and comments was posted by a person that I don’t even know. Honestly, I would be “weirded out” and possibly feel as if it is a slight violation (now granted, I am not a public figure with a ton of followers- my account is set to private).

    I think this raises another good question: Should public figures have a lower expectation of privacy in regards to social media and use of their image?

    In all, I believe that a person’s feelings are their own and no one can change those feelings – if you felt violated or upset or happy or sad – you have the right that way. Obviously, your loyal listeners know that you are super down-to-earth and a rational thinker – so if you feel a certain way about something, it is most likely legitimate. Don’t let trolls try to say otherwise.

  3. Usually I wouldn’t care but it’s a cardinal sin amongst comedians to steal jokes.

    In my mind I like to be the bigger person. Then I stew on it all day, have a couple glasses (sadly, a bottle) of wine and shoot off a snarky email

  4. I would take a funny picture of a dart in my butt-cheek with Nick Swardson’s name written on the dart, and post that on Instagram! …And obviously tag him, cuz you’re classy #Buttdartsgoneright

  5. Tiff

    Hey Sarah,

    I know you probably don’t need any validation, but since people continue to be absolute dicks, I figured I would write anyway. What Nick Swardson did was wrong. He stole someone else’s content and claimed it as his own. It’s possible that as he claimed, he didn’t know it was yours and meant no harm, etc., but that really doesn’t matter. He also knew his half-assed apology would accomplish nothing but get his fans to attack you so in my eyes, it’s not very genuine.

    While I should believe that he meant no harm, I am more inclined to believe that he really took it believing that nobody would notice. This may sound mean, but he is clearly more famous and successful; however, this does not mean that in any way shape or form he is entitled to your material. I’m sorry that people are being mean to you, and while I am sure you know that what people are saying isn’t true, it probably still hurts. So far I’ve been called plenty of mean things about how I’m a loser, etc. for sticking up for you, but hey, I’m a successful aerospace engineer in my mid-twenties and I believe in standing up for people especially other women who are kicking butt in their fields so screw them. Trolls hate it when women stand up for themselves and each other, so if they want to continue calling me a “feminist cunt”, I’m fine with it because I’m not letting their name calling stop me and you shouldn’t either.

    You’re awesome, witty, successful, and beautiful so please continue kicking ass.

    Best regards,

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