Food and a Breakup

Hi guys!! It's Irene the Intern here. Sarah thought that you all might like if I shared one of my blog entries with you! She is so wonderful and supportive and I totally agree that you all might like it. If you do you can find my blog here. This is the first entry I ever wrote so it's pretty...

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Here’s my formula for Online Dating!

Its Advice Thursday - today is the day of the week where I either blog or vlog your most interesting questions. You can always email me any question or situation that you're going thru and I'll give you a formula that has worked for me. You may get the answer you're looking for from suggestion...

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The trouble with falling for an older man:/

If you ever heard me chat about my past dating relationships when I was on the Kane Show in DC you probably remember me talking about my attraction to dating older men. Its true…I spent five years in a relationship with a man who was 14 years older than I was, a 4 month relationship with someone...

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Mervis Diamond