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So much to SHARE with you!

 Two big things I want to share with you this week! I'm the worst at keeping secrets...THE WORST. I love a little good gossip (the kind that doesn't hurt people) and I love dishing my own dirt. The first...I have a new podcast studio. It's with a heavy heart that I'm leaving my friends at the...

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My Life since Radio

I was just seeing my fabulous hair and makeup stylist Pam Dioquino at Smitten Boutique this week for a new hair look when she said to me..."Sarah, you need to update people on what you've been doing since radio, people still don't know about the podcast!' true! One of the biggest...

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5 movies every single girl should watch

Romantic movies can really mess with a woman's mind:( Most romantic movies that I've seen leave me with a feeling of unrealistic expectations of how I'm going to find love and keep it.Thankfully, I have some of the most amazing female friends a girl could ask for and over the years my...

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Mervis Diamond