Precious Pop-up Puppy Podcast

Hi all!!! Wow. What a summer it has already been! So many exciting things on the horizon and just manifesting themselves into today's life :). As my avid listeners know The Hey Frase Show is now available across a ton of platforms including SPOTIFY!! Dreams are really starting to become reality...

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How to stop people from commenting on your weight

When I was at my heaviest weight, 186 lbs in college, my friends and family would often make comments on my body. They would usually make suggestions of different diets I should try or remind me of how much better I looked when I was thinner. I even had a college professor tell me that if I...

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Ladies our friendships are like marriage. 50% will end in Divorce!

How's that for a blog title? You're probably thinking..."Way to depress me Sarah:(" Sorry to bare the bad news, but I received an advice question from Ang this week about an issue she was having with her circle of friends. So I wanted to share my approach to friendships.To summarize Ang...

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Mervis Diamond