The Happy College Girl Summit

When Sarah Greenberg approached me to be a part of her cool Happy College Girl Summit I couldn’t say no. Sarah came up with the genius idea of doing a series of podcast interviews with health coaches, radio personalities, bloggers and more in order to help college students navigate their time at school.

This series is a gold mine of advice and suggestions and I’m thrilled to be a small part of it. My interview aired today with Sarah. I would love for you to check it out. Sarah lives in Baltimore, MD and here is her website. Sign up and enjoy the series…Happy College Girl Summit.

Below is what Sarah wrote about me in her newsletter this am…


I just finished a totally juicy and hilarious interview with one of my heroes from high school, Sarah Fraser, radio host of the Sarah, Ty, and Mel show on DC 107.3. Sarah and I talk about what it REALLY means to have zen and mindfulness in college. Being zen and mindful doesn’t mean that you’re some monk chanting on top of a mountain in Tibet. Hellll no. In fact, you can be a zen, mindful college girl and still tell dick jokes and dance to Nicki Minaj.

Sarah gives you really simple tips on how to feel more peaceful in college. She’ll tell you how to create your very own mental health plan. Sound good? It is, girl.

My favorite part? Sarah talks about her Food Mood journal, which helped her shift out of binge eating and listen to her body. She’ll tell you how to keep a Food Mood journal and how it will help you figure out what your body is REALLY craving. Listen here to learn more!

Sarah is raunchy, real, and kind. You’ve GOT to know this girl.

Her recommendations:
Tara Brach
Ted Talks
Joel Osteen
Brene Brown
Geneen Roth
Women, Food, and God


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