The Passion Workshop

This exclusive 3 hour workshop is about ‘IGNITING PASSION ON PURPOSE.’

Are you depressed in your job or in your business? Do you feel like you know what your true calling in life is but don’t know how to make a transition?

I hear you because I’ve been there. Samy Simpson, my friend and passion curator, has helped me over the years overcome fear and pursue my dream, and now he’s doing it for you!

Passion Curator Samy Simpson helps people and companies all over the world make their greatest intention into a remarkable mission for joy and success. If you’re looking for a change in 2018 this is the workshop for you.

The Passion Workshop delivers an experience:

communicate with real authenticity and connection
create momentum in generating ideas for deeper engagement
collaborate and interact with true purpose
empower more creative applications and a compelling personality
amplify the feelings of freedom, confidence, and choice

***We will be serving wine and lite appetizers as well***

Sample Schedule (subject to change):

6-7 PM:
Round Table Introduction for Host and Participants
Explanation of evening exercises
Warm-up exercise

7-8 PM:
Discussions and exercises focused on passion, fear, and taking steps toward your greatest intention

8-9 PM:
Discussions and exercises focused on passion, fear, and taking steps toward your greatest intention
Vision, Target and Method plan


What people are saying about the Passion Workshop.

“You’ve helped me to identify my internal mantra, a kind of compass to help carry me forward on a path that’s authentic to who I am.” – Alicia, Washington, D.C.

“The questions were very thought provoking, and I really liked the interactive style and how forthcoming all of the participants were.” -Deb, Washington, D.C.

“I loved seeing how a roomful of strangers actually ended up having so much in common. I loved everyone’s stories and seeing people being able to connect was beautiful.” -Carly, Washington, D.C.

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