Today was the end of Sarah, Ty, and Mel on DC’s 107.3

Dear STM Squad, family and friends,

I have some disappointing news to report: this morning was the final show of Sarah, Ty, and Mel on DC’s 107.3.

The station is moving in a different direction, and those of us on the morning show – me, Ty, Mel, Samy K, and Flounder – will no longer be entertaining and inspiring you from 6 to 10 AM on this station.

To say I’m saddened would be an understatement – I truly enjoyed working with some of my close friends like Mel, Samy K, and Flounder on a daily basis, and developing new relationships with Ty, Luis, Jeremiah, and countless others who worked behind the scenes to support the show.

Perhaps more significantly, I’ll miss the daily interaction with YOU – every single one of you who tweeted, texted, and called us to share your stories and opinions, and who attended our listener events and private switch parties.  I loved connecting with you on a daily basis, sharing my life and having you weigh in – on both the good and the bad.

To those of you who “made the switch” and stayed – I can’t thank you enough for being part of what we created. I will be on “Good Day DC” on Fox 5 tomorrow (Tuesday Nov. 10th) morning at 7:50 AM, and hope to share more.  In the meantime, stay in touch and keep following us on Instagram: @heyfrase @tybentli @itsinstamel @thesamyk @laradio301 @djflounder

This is just another step in the big plans God has planned for me. I can’t wait to take you along on the next adventure and I will be blogging again soon, reflecting on this experience and keeping you informed of the next.

From the bottom of my heart: thank you, and love you so much. The best is yet to come.





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  1. I miss you guys! You always hit the right balance of smart and funny without ever being mean or shrill.

  2. SO happy this show is off..i missed mixed 107.3..i will be tuning in again.

  3. So sad! I was wondering what happened to you guys. I really dislike the new morning show (sorry Jack) it’s just not relatable and seems to go towards a way older crowd now. I am completely turned off to 107.3s morning show now.

    Wishing you guys the best!

  4. I can’t believe they cancelled this show! The new show is terrible and I can’t stand that old man’s voice. I’ve stopped listening to 107.3. My morning commute is awful now. You guys were so funny and entertaining. You are missed so much! Hope they bring you all back!

    1. Ricky

      I can’t agree more, the old man voice, who wants to listen to that in a weekday morning. I’ve been used to listen to SYM while driving to work. So sad

  5. Kassie

    I really miss sarah ty and mel. I dont even listen to 107.3 anymore. U guys were my morning. What an awfully poor decision the station made by letting you guys go. The new “old” guy is terrible and nowhere near as entertaining Nothing but love and best wishes to all of you. I was a faithful listener since you guys debut’ed and hope it isnt the last of you all. God bless and much love !

  6. Poor decision by management. Can’t stand douchebag diamond. XM radio’s free preview ch001 is a better alternative.

  7. Alaa Alz

    I am going to miss STM and Sam K so bad. This diamond show is so boring, looks like from the 70th time and I hate the background laughs, they are so fake. I stopped listening to 1073.

  8. Audrey

    I had to Google to find this out. I live in Hagerstown and listened to you guys in the morning when I was in my car. I thought (hoped) the new voice was just a temp change. So sad and can’t imagine how you all feel. Please let us know if you find another station (hopefully I will have access to it, or can internet it).

  9. Awful news. You guys were the only thing worth listening to in the morning. Last thing radio needs is the return of another old white dude.

  10. I am so disappointed. Sarah, ty and Mel were the best morning radio.
    I will I longer listen to 107.3
    I miss you guys

  11. Joe

    I just made the switch to you guys in September when I found Sarah was the host! Ah well, back to 99.5. Hope Sarah and Samy can come back, hate Danny on there! Kane, Sarah Sammy, Rose, and Intern John and Erick, I’d like that!

  12. i’ll never listen to 107.3 again. i hold a grudge for years. for life.

  13. Ramon

    I think Sarah has one of the most annoying voices on air and is soooo full of herself … I’m glad it is over. Not that Jack Diamond is any better but that’s beside the point. Good riddance!

    1. Agree 100% – most annoying voice ever! And now we have Jack Cheese ball Diamond. Doubt I’ll ever listen to 107.3.

    2. Brittany

      If you think she has an annoying voice and is full of herself, what are you doing on her site?! Good riddance to you.

  14. SOOOOOO bummed!!!!! You guys were so freaking fun. I felt like I was in the twilight zone this morning when i heard jack diamond. So sad. I will not be listening to 107.3 in the mornings anymore. 🙁

    1. Sign the petition at someone started. 🙂

  15. This is the first time I’ve ever reached out to a radio personality – usually I enjoy in the confines of my car but do not necessarily express thoughts and appreciation. I have loved your show, it was the only thing other than 99.5 to listen to on my commute and I was thrilled when you were brought on board. It might seem like right now it’s hard to know exactly what the future will hold but I think that was a beautiful post and much is in store. You’re fun and talented and the future is bright!

    This must be how Jack Diamond felt when the station made room for your show, and he’s back, maybe in 2 years you’ll be back too and they’ll just cycle! 🙂 Miss you already, my commute is not the same.

    1. They started a petition.

  16. Every morning listening….so disappointed! Would laugh my ass off on the way to work….you will be missed! Not listening to 107.3 now.

  17. S Mat (Twitbead)

    OMG NO!. You guys have picked me up from the dumps countless times on my way to work! Why??? Noooooo. Please get back on or start another show and I will switch to that! S Mat I love you Sarah, Ty, Mel, Sammy and Flounder!

  18. Patti

    Noooooooooooo!! I come back from vacay and you’re gone! I moved here a year and a half ago and was so happy to find a fun local morning show that made mornings suck a little less. I’m so disappointed and I hope you guys come back. I hope 107.3 realizes they lost something unique for the area that people wanted and replaced it with the same boring show the other stations already have. Sucks to suck 107.3!

  19. Just removed 107 from my radio preset. Never liked Jack Diamond and never will. Bye…..

  20. So sad to see you leaving the morning scene again. I remember the sensation I had when STM started, and hearing you and Mel and Samy K back on the morning dial. Not only was it such a feel good moment (FRASE IS BACK!), but it was such a great improvement to what was on 107.3, and a positive alternative to the other morning shows. My morning commute will not be the same…until 107.3 decides to change format AGAIN in a year. Best wishes on your next endeavor.

  21. I will miss you all so much! I loved the new show and I’m really surprised that 107.3 switched back to the old show. Thank you for all the great programming that you all did. It made my morning drive so much more enjoyable!

  22. Brittany

    Nooooooooo :'( you guys were the only radio station I would listen to and the only one I have listened to since I moved here a year and a half ago. For a year I had an hour commute to and from work every day so listening to your show entertained me the whole time and was the happy part of my day even though I was in the car for so long. Your show made the drive enjoyable. And now that my commute has cut down to about 8 or 10 minutes I was actually sad that I would only get to hear you guys for such a short amount of time each day 🙁 And now that you guys are gone I don’t even know what radio station to listen to. Even on my short ride I flipped through all the radio stations over and over and never found anything good to listen to so I just turned it off. YOU GUYS WILL BE MISSED SO MUCH!

  23. This is the worst. I literally cringed when I heard Jack Diamond this morning. Ick. This was the worst possible move by management. I have listened to your since your time in DC on the other morning show. I was so happy to have you back! And Sammy too!

    I hope you all can reunite and once again light up our mornings with your show. So sorry that your are on the receiving end of this terrible management decision.

  24. Rachel

    You were the ONE show I actually listened to and look forward to every morning. Thursday mornings I would get up and leave early just to listen to Flounder. I honestly am devastated. I loved listening to you all. Please let me know about any future shows.

  25. I have lived in Philly New York Detroit in DC and this is literally the only morning so I’ve ever been able to enjoy listening to you during my commute. So very annoyed

  26. Cam

    Noooo! STM was the only DC-area morning radio show I enjoyed listening to, in part thanks to the strong female presence & great balance of thought-provoking & silly topics. Switching to an older male host was the worst possible decision 107.3 could have made (except possibly the Christmas music… What in the damn world). Sarah Ty & Mel please keep me posted if you are able to get the band back together. I’ve already taken 107.3 off my presets. And I already miss you tons! Xoxo

  27. Very saddened by this. May have to switch radio stations. It is definitely not the same without you 3. Worst move by your producer—-EVER.


  28. Well this is Total BS….I come back from vacay and think my radio is on the fritz…..but no some boring old douche has high jacked 107.3 and yet again another producer has managed to create a boring, bland and confusing station that neither appeals to young or old crowd……eugh! Miss you guys….wishing y’all well for the future!

  29. STM, you will be missed! I enjoyed listening to you on my morning commute. I thought you guys were fresh and funny. I was confused when I heard Christmas music on last week and very disappointed when I heard promotions for another radio show this morning. Best of luck to you all!

  30. Tim

    That Jack Diamond guy blows. I miss STM!!!

  31. Manny

    Sarah, i was turned on to you guys beginning of summer and listened to you guys everyday! You guys were the best and brightened my day on my long commute to work. Then the Christmas music? Now Jack Diamond? Are they serious? I will say i will never listen to 107.3 again. I hope you let us know where you are. If you all stay together – even better! The vibe you shared was great. The listeners felt that!!!!

  32. WTF!! I can not believe this. STM made Wednesday mornings the best day of the week. Who is going to laugh out loud with me when reading Tinder profiles?? I am genuinely sad, I really liked you guys. Washington radio suffers from lack of good, funny, non-stale programming (like you all!!), what the heck is that radio station doing? I will miss you all. I don’t understand life sometimes.

  33. Good luck, I am looking forward to finding out what’s next for you all. <3

    So horrible – after I was on vacation last week I turned on the radio this morning and was so confused/upset. It made the rest of my Monday (after a lovely vacation…) extra sucky! You three (and Samy and the others) are hilarious, smart, intuitive, caring, clever, and so thoughtful on the radio. Since January I started commuting from Northeast DC to Herndon/Dulles area instead of metroing to work, and you were the only thing that kept me happy during the crappy commute.

    I always wanted to meet you all at one of your happy hours/events but never got a chance! I never thought I'd enjoy a morning show until you all made my morning commute awesome the past ~11 months. I love you all – I relate to Mel's long-distance relationship (ugh), Sarah's love of drinking ;-), and Ty's sweet demeanor. I'd totally date Samy if not for my LDR – so funny.

    I valued all of your opinions and discussion topics – I'm in my early 20s (probably your target audience) and I related to so much of the show.

    If you guys read this I want you to know you've left a great impact on so many people – many more than who have commented on this post. I'm too much of a shitty driver to call during my commute, but you made it endlessly better and it's obvious I'm not alone in my respect of you guys.

    Again, I wish you all so much luck and know you all will do great things. I also hope your friendships weren't just for the audience :-)!

    (I'm dumb so I just realized I'm posting this on your blog, Sarah, but the message is obviously for the whole show. But just for you – I wish I could be as outgoing, quick-witted, and cute as you AH! you're my hero)

  34. Although I haven’t been a good radio listener I’d enjoyed the few times I listened to your show in the morning. It was never boring or repetitive as the other station. I wish you all the best. Thanks for your great job.

  35. I thought I had the wrong radio channel on this morning when I heard an older man on the air. I had to do a double take. I am so saddened by this turn events. I really enjoyed you guys on air. Thought you were refreshing and full of life. Wish you the best of luck!

  36. Aaaaaahhh Crap! I’m left with no option but to quit radio altogether. I’m certainly not going back to the Kanye show ;). Peace!

  37. Just like the rest of these posts, I was genuinely confused when I turned on 107.3 to hear Christmas music. I thought maybe it’s just something they are doing for the weekend. When I drove my regular morning commute today (Monday 11/16) and I heard an older voice on the radio I was even more confused. And sad. Instead, I had to listen to another station (so weird) and google what the heck happened. I attended a private part for 107.3 and I loved listening to the show. It was never inappropriate or boring, the games and quizzes were always so clever. Hope to hear your voices again soon.

  38. I was so weirded out when I turned on the radio last week and all that was playing was Christmas Music. Then this morning I turned it on and you were not there! It was heartbreaking to hear that old man’s voice back on the radio. What is the station thinking????? You guys were such a bright spot on my morning commute. You and the gang all deserve the best and I hope that comes to you very soon. Much love Nancy

  39. Tracy

    WTF!! I turned on the radio and you guys weren’t on! OMG! I’ll miss you and the rest of the gang, Damn, I loved Thursdays show with the laughs and mixes by Flounder omg gosh and the Truth or Drink! You guys were the reason for me being late to work cuz i didnt want to get out of my car. Dang, Now i gotta listen to the re-hashed old dude that they fired before.

    well Good luck Guys.

  40. Sad to see this crew go they are awesome ! this radio station is going backwards.
    Going back to their old crew who really sucked back then in the first place old timers in radio.
    But we are a new generation we need something new not the same old crap they were playing before.
    anyhow wish you the best and hope to listen to you guys again in the future.

  41. Rebecca H.

    I teleworked last week, so I only just discovered on my commute this morning that STM had been cancelled. What a slap in the face. I’m a channel flipper. I flip through channels to listen to music, and until I found your show, I tried not to listen to the the DJ’s and commercials. Your show is the only radio show that I ever enjoyed, and would listen to without flipping, even during the commercials. Now I’ll be flipping past 107.3 without stopping. I’ll miss listening to STM, but I wish you all the very best.

  42. As I show I never really found you all interesting at all. You guys were just a bunch of goofy ppls. The fact that you guys would unite as one and try and take on THE KANE SHOW!! is ridiculous. I actually love the New KANE SHOW member they are much better than you all were back then. I actually enjoyed Ty Bentli’s NY show he should of stayed in NY. Everything happens for a reason. It is never right to sit there and bash on someone for whatever reason. Once you guys started all you did was discreetly bash the Kane Show it was obvious ” Thank you for making the switch to DC 107.3 thanks for switching from that OTHER STATION.” It was more obvious that you guys wanted to take the Kane show out of number one but that will never happen. I dont wish bad upon you guys but you will never get anywhere by bashing someone else. I just hope you guys learn from all this that has happen and NO I am not attacking you guys ok just to make that clear I just am writting my thoughts in this comment.

    PS before anyone says why did I tune in to your station if I didnt like it, to answer your question up front its to see how you guys would do because I am always open to new things new items but nothing really intrigued me about your show. So that is that. Best wishes to all your future endeavors

    1. Oh my lord you are a douche. Holy mother of god I can’t even handle it. Not knowing you in person just made my day.

    2. The Kane Show? Yuk! They bore me

  43. 107.3 dropped the ball on this one. Your show was great! I wouldn’t even change stations during commercial breaks to prevent missing anything. This morning, I changed stations from 107.3 for the first time since I started listening. It only took 90 seconds of listening to the new show to make that decision. That along with playing non-stop Christmas music before halfway in to November…Whoever is behind these poor decisions should fire themselves.

    I hope the best for you all.

  44. Josh

    I didnt find out what was going on I was just wondering wth was going on all week with holiday music. Then this morning I finally heard that old guy again and was so pissed. I cant believe this bs and feel so bad for you guys. I just dont understand why they would pull the plug on something that was actually pumping life into a station that was bleeding to death and will start doing so again. Now I have no station to listen to in the morning because I cant stand the Kane show anymore, all he does is talk talk talk and sound stupid. Best of lucky to you guys and please post something if you find a new station, Ill def follow you guys there.

    1. I totally went through the same thing this morning. I’m actually mad now. Was there like an actual announcement other than this post? Was there a “This is our last show” day? Horrible decision to end STM, and horrible exit strategy as well. That’s the end of radio for me guys.

      @heyfrase @tybentli @itsinstamel @thesamyk @laradio301 @djflounder if you guys are ever on a show together again, email me so i can tune in. love you guys <3

  45. What am I going to listen to NOW? I don’t want to switch back to the Kane Show…. =(

    1. Ella – LOVE you lots. I’m launching a podcast and I can’t wait to share it with you. It will be right here on heyfrase. com – something to listen too coming soon. xoxo, sarah

  46. I am going to miss you Sarah!
    It’s like saying I can’t have coffee ever again. :’-(
    I hope another station is smart enough to pick STM up before your paths take you all in different directions.
    I’m glad you have this page so I can follow you along on your adventures.

  47. Namcy

    Will miss STM. I loved how you supported women and small businesses! Will def be following you and Mel’s careers in the future!

    Best of luck!

      1. This is awesome!! YAY…thank you for doing this – can’t wait to see where it goes.

  48. When STM first came on, I was excited to hear something fresh and new with morning radio. I’ve been listening to Kane since day 1 and I still enjoy listening, but it was exciting to be able to hear another great morning show too. I started noticing that the more I listened, the more digs I heard about TKS. I specifically remember when you were reading a tinder profile for some guy named Erik and Mel said “Does he work at clear channel?” in the most bitter of tones. I really wanted to enjoy the show but it kept feeling like a circle-jerk for kane hate and I didn’t and don’t hate Kane. You guys got to capitalize on everyone who did/does hate TKS, but I feel like you alienated those of us who would have listened to both. You, Mel, and Samy know whatever Kane did to you, the rest of us only have faith and passive-aggressive jabs to go on. For what it’s worth, I would have listened daily if I felt the show was about doing something new and different. It just got to a point where it felt like it was about convincing people to hate Kane and listen to you instead. I wish I’d have heard more about why you were a great morning show to listen to and not why I should switch because Kane sucks.

    1. Bailey – Thank you so much for your honest feedback. I definitely learned a good lesson there that people don’t like it when you focus on the negative. When I first started with Sarah, Ty, and Mel I was still very resentful towards Kane and that shined thru.

      Now I’m in a good place. I wish him well and if I had it to do over again I would have just addressed any issues with TKS directly and moved on. Thanks again…hope you’ll check out my podcast. xoxo, sarah

      1. Sarah – that is a very mature and gracious response on your part. I don’t know you but really enjoyed you on the Kane Show and was also excited when you got your own new show. But then, it felt like when a couple breaks up and your friend is all bitter (especially with your comments around his awful divorce) and you don’t know what happened between them but just feel awkward and bad for her… because you want her to be better than that and move on… to her own sunshine and well-deserved glory. So, I can’t wait to see what you do next – with your own sunshine and glory! I have a feeling we will be hearing much more from you in the future!!
        I will be checking in on your blog – and fully expect to turn on my radio, tv,.. (or even look up at the movie screen?) and see you again! Go Sarah!

      2. Thanks for the reply, Sarah. I do think you’re extremely talented and will find something fulfilling in the future and I really do hope that you’ve found some peace in whatever had happened. I’ll be sure to give the podcast a listen =)

  49. I loved your morning show and I cannot believe they pulled it. Please know you all were fantastic and made my morning. I hope you all land on your feet and please know, great chemistry together. So sad…..

    1. Jackie – thank you so much! we love and miss you every morning. good things coming tho 🙂 My podcast will be out in DEC. xoxo, sarah

  50. The commercial for their replacement makes me want yo vomit!! Sounds like the same old man before. Laughs at everything aNd all talk is milky white boring.

    Kane show is eh at best–can’t stand the new girl Danny and her self righteousness. She’s awful and so boring. Kane is too wimpy and has had real a hole moments imo.

    Why does the radio suck in this area ?? Mornings are definitely longer without good conversation.

  51. Very disappointed by the station’s change. I hope the 3 of you stay together and find another station. please keep us posted!

  52. Dave

    Sarah, I’m sorry to hear this. I met you a few times thorough a mutual friend, and wish only the best for you. I know you’ll end up somewhere doing good work.

    That said, I couldn’t listen to the show most days and popped on Spotify or Pandora for my morning commutes. Not because you and the morning crew were bad, but the content you talked about on the show most days just didn’t interest me at all, and paired with the station playing the same 4-5 songs every hour, I just flipped back to a music-only program. The one thing that constantly nagged me though was the constant shade thrown at the Kane Show. We get it, and I understand you and the station were trying to hit their ratings and encourage people to switch, but negativity like that just hurt you and the show. I found that I was rolling my eyes when I heard the not-so-clever digs during commercials or references you and Samy would make on-air.

    The other issue was that things you feel so strongly about on your blogs, you made light of on-air. Like how overweight men couldn’t be good lovers, while blogging about your own issues with weight loss, for example. Authenticity goes a long way, and you lost me when you said you feel one way and laughed about the same issue in the next 5 minutes.

    Beyond that, I got absolutely nothing from Ty, he wasn’t engaging at all. Mel is great, Sammy is great, and you’re great. But the only day I actually listened was Thursday for Flounder’s mixes.

  53. Meg

    I’m so sad to hear about this! I read some comments about ‘the importance of a show with a female lead’ and I couldn’t agree more! To all of you on the show, who truly care about connections made and making a difference, you each will go on to do AMAZING things! Sarah, you remain an inspiration for women in the industry, in general, and the younger generation. Godspeed! And it’s too early for Christmas music

  54. Never thought I’d be the type to submit an online comment — but I was truly impressed with all you guys accomplished in the past year-plus and just wanted to say thank you. You guys are an amazing team and since I’m sure great things are in store for each of you in the future — I think I’m most sorry for us — the STM listeners! I work in the media industry and can’t stand it when a company says they want to make a change, and then pulls the plug on something so soon after starting it — it takes time! anyways, thanks for everything. xo

  55. Kat

    I am sad! STM was a fresh new show. I loved you on your previous show and was so grateful when I heard your voice on STM! Hope this isn’t the last I hear of you guys!

  56. Bridgit

    Hated not hearing you all this week. Some comments are unbelievable.make yourself sound like a complete douche canoe. Most have no idea what went on, on the kane show. When 3 major people leave a show it may make you think they weren’t the problem.

  57. Nooooo! When I heard the JDMS plugs, I thought they were just running a previous year’s holiday music loop. Ha!
    You guys were such a fresh show. I loved the vibe you guys had. I’m so tired of the usual obnoxious dude led shows with dumb sounding female or male intern side kicks. I was really over the morning show scene until you guys came on the air.
    This country needs you!!!

  58. I’m so heartbroken. I find all of the other morning radio absolutely unbearable to listen to, and was so excited when I found STM. I don’t know what I’m going to do now… I can’t go back to listening to Kane and Tommy after experiencing Sarah Ty and Mel!

  59. Michael Roark

    LOL!!! The STM show ending is nothing but karma in full effect. I absolutely love when the karma train comes around! Should have kept all your snide comments to yourself about The Kane Show. Nobody will ever beat them in ratings. Do you honestly think that the 100 listeners that listened to STM opinions on the Kane show matter? Nope! Not when the have millions of listeners! Better luck next time, try again!!! LOL!!!

    1. Thanks for your comment Michael Dork

      1. Michael Roark

        LOL! Really?!?? Don’t think somebody with the name Manny should be making fun of no ones name. But you are very welcome for my comment. It’s the truth. Truth hurts! When Sara threw them roses and said she didn’t need them anymore, she was sadly mistaken. When she left The Kane Show she went to do something for TV that obviously didn’t work out. Then started this show which BOMBED! I like how in Sara’s new post she said she’s a free agent and asked who wants to hire her… Nobody! Lol! It was probably for Kane to see so he might take her back. But I don’t see that happening ever!! Dani Star is sooooooo much better! I don’t even know why I’m wasting my time. All of you know she had coming with her smart comments! KARMA! Good luck to Mel though! I did like her and will miss her!

  60. I’m soooo upset!! I was really hoping that I somehow missed you guys. I don’t know what to do with my time now. I miss you guys

  61. wow, I was wondering what happened when all I heard was holiday music. You guys were great. I think the station made a big mistake by “changing directions”

  62. This is a damn shame. I applaud your show for being led by a female and having a male host that wasn’t a d*ck. All three of you dished up pop culture while being genuine and funny-and there’s no alternative to that on the DC airwaves. Best of luck to you guys. I guess it’s back to NPR Morning Edition for me.

  63. Unbelievable! I can’t believe this darn radio station. You 3 were fantastic. Why would they change a good thing? I am going to boycott this station and remove it from my pre-sets.

    Sarah, I wish you all the best of luck in your continued successes.

  64. I just realized that I hadn’t heard you guys all week and was wondering why. I can’t believe your show is going away 🙁 , I love it! WTH is that stupid ass station doing!? Your show always cracked me up and had the best segments. Now, I have no morning show. 107.3 ugh you’re the worst.

  65. So sad to see you go!!!! You were the reason I “made the switch”. You were to only show that could wake me up and keep me smiling during my morning commute. And I never hated Christmas music more than this morning when it was played in your time slot.
    I wish you guys the best! I hope to hear your voices on the radio soon.
    Lots of hugs!!’

  66. I have NEVER been a fan of morning radio shows until I heard Sarah, Ty, & Mel. You made my commute bearable and it felt like hanging out with a bunch of friends. Guess I’m deprogramming 107.3…. best of luck to you all and if another station is smart enough to pick you all up I will definitely make “the switch” to there. 🙂

  67. So bummed to hear the show got cancelled. I “made the switch” as soon as I found out about stm. You guys seemed to have really great chemistry and kept me laughing through my commute. The competing show has turned into crude high school humor. Everyone knows war of the roses is fake and the main guy is seriously lacking in whit. I hope all three of you (plus flounder) transfer to another station together!!

  68. Seriously?! Ughhh… I was sooooo beyond ecstatic when I found out you were back on the radio and Mel and Ty are serious icing on the cake…. Then to add flounder?! I can’t go back to Kane… So I guess it’s time to download songs into my iPod and skip morning radio… Yall were amazing together. ?? thanks for coming back… Was always proud that I “made the switch”.

  69. Joe

    Too bad, because the show was better than the downward sliding 99.5. However, the brand was destined to fail as no one in the area wanted to hear your PC and liberal slants. Every time those crept in you lost listeners. It’s almost as if your show was taking orders from the DNC…

    Let’s face it, the popular shows are not PC.

  70. Chrissy

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! This is such sad news. I LOVE your show. I thought my drive to work seemed really boring these past couple of days. I walked into work this morning and my co-worker yelled OMG they cancelled Sara,TY and Mel. She was so upset. Im shocked that your ratings were not doing well. I figured everyone was making the switch. Good luck to you all. I know this is a really hard time. I have been laid off before but it always gets better. Keep your head up. Learn and grow from every experience!!!


  71. Lin

    Sarah Ty Mel and Samy I just wanted to say thank you! I made the switch to 107.3 when I heard you were back and found personal relief after going through personal attacks from intern John and the Kane show on the radio. My friend ship was used as a gimmick and it was very hurtful so I understand what you went through when you left. I loved having you guys to listen to and really felt like I connected with you. Thanks for helping me get through that nastiness and enjoy my radio in the mornings . I’ll be on the look out for you in the future! From a greatful fan, you did more than you know!

  72. You’ve got to be kidding me! No notice until now? Sarah Ty and Mel were awesome! Young, fresh, funny. I loved them. 1073 you guys are idiots.

    1. Linda – love you lots. thank you for reading my blog and i’ll be launching a podcast very soon. xoxo, sarah

  73. I hear Sarah Fraser is going to the mid-day show. DC’s 107.3 is going back to Mix 107.3 and is bringing back the Jack Diamond Morning show that they canned 2 years ago.
    Raitings for Sarah, Ty & Mel show just weren’t good enough. They were #10, while 99.5 is still #1. Cumulus nearly went bankrupt.

  74. This is such crap! 107.3 is popular again because of you guys!!!! LAME! I’ll miss you all

  75. Javier D.

    I am deeply saddened, but know that another bigger and wider door will open for you Sarah as well as Ty, Mel and Sammy.
    Best of luck in your next adventure my dear friend.
    Javier, your #1 fan.

  76. Dan

    I hate most of the music on 107.3, but would still tune in to listen to your show. I listened to you on the Kane show, but liked you better over on 107.3. And won’t go back to the Kane either. So bummed this show is gone! The Click, and hearing the news was my favorite part.

    Sad sad sad…

  77. I can’t believe this. I kept wondering where were you all? Ugh! I loved STM! I was a loyal listener. I, too, have been a huge fan and listened to you on 99.5 and when you all left, I didn’t listen to it again. Thrilled when you all came together including Ty. I am old, and your show appealed to me. I seriously laughed every single day. Big mistake on their part. I hope another station picks you all up as I would tune in every day. Also, ignore the negative comments. Haters will hate.

  78. I just feel like someone pulled the carpet out from under me. I love your show and it made me laugh and put a smile on my face every day. I am totally shocked. Sorry guys!!! Keep your head up.

  79. So sad to hear this! When I moved to DC I started listening to you on the Kane show. Last year I had gotten to the point where I just couldn’t listen to what the Kane show had become. I was thrilled to find you, Ty, and Mel on 107.3 and finally have a morning show to listen to again. I loved your show and am so disappointed!

  80. Joe

    No surprise that the show was cancelled. There was no way the show was going to be able to compete against The Kane Show. STM brought nothing new to the DC market other than a knock-off of their former show. The 3 of them together weren’t enough to take listeners from 99.5. Maybe if they had developed a different idea and attempted to attract a different audience they would still be on the air. DC101 and 99.5 appeal to different audiences, there wasn’t room for STM in the market. You add in the bitter ends to a former working environment that was apparent in social media and it is clear why the show failed.

  81. Seriously been so sad since last night when I saw your Instagram post. Reading the comments, I’m surprised that you guys had so many haters. You guys were fun, genuine people and had great chemistry. I’ve been listening since last August and laughing with you guys every morning. I’m gonna miss monday morning rehab, deep thoughts from the men on tinder, the click, the rundown, the tbt mix, all the fun games I participated in to try to win tickets. Hope to hear you guys all again soon. (I think I’ve commented on every social media page lol I’m so sad and will probably never get over this). I’m really assuming they took you guys down because you guys reached #1 and they couldn’t afford BMW’s for all your listeners. Good luck & much love.

  82. Devastated that you all are off the air! Seriously absolutely loved listening to you all. Reading through the comments I was very disappointed to see so many people on here bashing you and Mel and essentially putting out the same negativity they are accusing you of. I hope you are able to ignore their negative remarks (not sure why they are reading your blog when they allegedly hated the show) and I wish you all the best as you move on to bigger and better things!

    1. Just because we didn’t like the show doesn’t mean we hate her. I have nothing but the best wishes for her in her personal life and all future endeavors.

  83. v

    I’m so confused, why would they cancel you guys when you had such great chemistry? Are there any plans for Sarah Ty and Mel on another network or possibly a podcast?

  84. I loved the show and the fresh take you all had with popular culture and especially with all the local activities within the DMV you all supported. I have followed you (and Samy and Mel) since 99.5 and remember the spunky, hilarious, and free spirit that brought light to the team. I had a hard time listening to 99.5 because they seem like total frauds. Although people want to give you flack for voicing your opinion on that, I for one, applaud it. No one likes a bully or an asshole, and just because you’re the “popular kids on the block” doesn’t give you leeway to treat people poorly. So yes, you being the David to that Goliath appealed to me, and I think to many others. Reading (and listening) between the lines, I realized what that former team was about, and was excited to see your new endeavor at 107.3…. and gladly followed. I’m sad to see the show end, but I know you’ll be okay…. you seem to have a personality type that never gives up. And you’re properly feisty. Go get ’em, girl 🙂

  85. I am truly disappointed. I turned the radio on this morning anticipating the Tinderfellas / rellas and kept wondering why music played continuously. This was the only radio show that I would rather listen to than music.

    I was beyond excited when you came back along with Samy & Mel. In the meantime, I warmed up to Ty. Now I have nothing to listen to in the AM, I haven’t been able to stand The Kane Show since all of you left.

    So shocked by this decision.

    1. While you’re sitting here saying you don’t like listening to the Kane Show, that’s why STM are no more. They obviously couldn’t beat them in the ratings, so we already know the better show. I personally don’t have anything against Sarah, and Mel but lost lots of respect after they bashed Kane when that’s where they started and you just don’t do that. That’s wrong.

      1. El

        I agree with you wholeheartedly. Even the little innuendos they would slide in referring to the Kane Show annoyed me. I tried to listen to them occasionally but couldn’t get with them. Back to Kane I went. Obviously Sarah and the others built her show on the wrong foundation and it couldn’t hold up!

        1. I’m sure that DJ Dan aka “Name (required)” and El have never said anything negative about anyone… please! You could practice what you preach and not kick a person when they’re down and just lost their job. Have some empathy and be a human with dignity! LOVE ALL!

          1. El

            Because Sarah’s show is so wholesome that she’s never tried kicking anyone when they were down?

          2. El, your point is made, albeit not very interesting. If you didn’t like Sarah’s show, why are you on her blog site? Move on to something that you actually care about and spend your energy doing something positive. Maybe you’ll set a good example for Sarah since you’re such a saint.

          3. El

            Doesn’t mean I don’t like her. I just didn’t like her show. I had been following her since Kane days because I actually liked her when they did the show together.

    2. Jeffrey

      I agree with Rachel about the Kane show. Just couldn’t get into it since Sarah left. Then when everything came out about Kane as it relates to Sarah, Mel, and Sammy (I.e, his behavior towards them which caused them ALL to leave the show!), it made me sick. Sadly, it extended to his personal life. …And can someone explain why that when Kane is sick or can’t do the show, they play re-runs??? Hmmmm, Controlling much???

  86. So bummed! While I love you guys to pieces, the slightly change in music recently made me not tune in… I think it’s definitely a station issue, and truth be told, 107.3 has been fighting for YEARS for ratings. You are all better off! Hope to see you guys doing bigger and better things sooner than later, and will keep my ears peeled. Love to you all! Xo – Ally

  87. Loved you and Samy K both from the Kane Show & was so excited when you were both back on the air together. But the stm show never really did it for me. You and Mel both seemed so bitter. But hopefully great things are still in store for you & Samy.

  88. Joi

    Here is the thing. While I personally and THOROUGHLY enjoyed you on 99.5, was sad to see you leave, and then to see your tv dreams not quite pan out. You CANNOT win playing dirty! No matter what the other party is doing. Your intentions were not to be a quality morning show. Your intentions (as stated in the video announcing your now defunct show by throwing the roses) were to take down The Kane Show. Perhaps if your spirit was in the right place from jump then you would have been more successful. It sucks that it had to end this way but you might want to consider your motives before you sign up to do another morning show that is in direct competition with your old show. Also I am pretty sure that snarky tweet after Kane announced his divorce was the nail in STM’s coffin. Just a thought.

    1. LB

      I had the same feelings. Loved Sarah and how outspoken she is but always had a sour taste about the backhanded-ness of it all. Its why i only listened when the Kane show was on commercials….

      That being said, i hope Sarah lands in a great place and I hope she finds the happiness you so deserve

  89. This makes me so sad! Sarah – like many of the previous writers I’ve been a huge fan of yours since the early days on 99.5. You and I are around the same age and we have similar outlooks on life. You, Ty, and Mel seemed to click so well, were refreshingly honest and open on your show, and were the first morning show to make me laugh at least once every day. While I never really understood the music format the “new” 107.3 was trying to achieve, you guys were solid together and will be missed. I can’t wait to follow the next stages of your career. Best of luck!

  90. I have to say, I listened to this show all of three times over a several month period. Considering there was 5 minutes worth of content in an hour, and all of it was offensive to people who think people shouldn’t be pigeonholed into a two-dimensional stereotype, I’m completely unsurprised that this died. I am surprised it wasn’t yanked sooner.

    Sarah – you are awesome and I love you, but the show was just terrible. Especially for individuals who aren’t shallow 18-year-olds with drinking problems.

    1. LB

      Totally agree, the show lacked any type of depth and was really mundane to listen to. So sad cause on the Kane show Sarah and Samy were so dynamic

      1. Concur. Very dynamic

  91. So, I guess Mel is back to “not doing mornings” again huh? To all the people complaining: if the ratings had been good, this wouldn’t have happened. Low ratings = low advertising dollars = time to reboot and try again. They (STM) had over a year, they never found their audience. I tried to listen to them a few times and it wasn’t my cup of tea.

  92. That gaud awful Elliot in the Morning gets to yack it up on the radio and you guys get pulled???

    1. EITM isn’t bad. My only problem is they constantly focus on one topic and stay there for an hour or two. This is why I love the podcast I subscribe to and pay for. If I end up without my phone to stream the podcast, I’m happy to listen to EITM. There’s a good reason he’s still on air. It’s extremely entertaining.

  93. I am truly saddened by this news, your show was so entertaining. I wish you, Ty & Mel only the best….I am still very upset by this news….sadly, big corporations really don’t know what they do to the true listeners, let alone care what they do. How very sad.

  94. Hi Sarah,

    I’ve been a fan of yours since your 99.5 days. You are truly inspirational and very entertaining. I really hope you guys will be back on the radio. I wish you luck in everything you do.
    I don’t know what I will be listening to in the mornings now as nobody is as AWESOME as you!!!! xoxo

  95. I loved Tanisha’s comment – that’s exactly how I feel. I am sad and I will miss the show that you, Ty and Mel developed for the past ~1.5 years. I loved the focus on “realism” and you guys made me laugh EVERY day. I am grateful that I got to be a part of it, if only as a listener. I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for you!

  96. This morning was the longest commute of my life trying to find something else to listen to. Wish you all the best.. you will be missed!

  97. I am beyond bummed! You guys were the highlight of my morning! I wish you all the best and know that you will all land on your feet (hopefully somewhere where I can listen to you again soon!).

  98. I can’t believe this news! Is there anything the listener’s can do? I kept waiting to hear you guys this morning and then found this out! This was the best radio morning show I have ever heard, DC’s 107.3 made a huge mistake and will lose a lot of listeners. You guys were intelligent, thoughtful, and hysterical. I won’t know what’s going on without the Click and the Rundown or who to avoid on Tinder without “Deep Thoughts from the Men on Tinder.” Know you will be truly missed and I wish you all the best.

  99. Hi Sarah – I was just watching Fox 5 morning news and saw your piece in cc’ing the boss when I found out this very saddening news! I have been a long time fan, since the first weeks of the Kane Show. It was heartbreaking when you left there to go to NYC, and so exciting when you returned to DC with your new show! I’ve been listening each morning for over the past year. And you guys rock! WTH is 107.3 thinking by canceling the fastest growing show (and the best!) in all the land?!? Sorry this happened but nobody can keep you down, girl! Can’t wait to see where you pop-up and take over next! Love you, mean it!

  100. This makes me so sad! I love listening to you guys every morning, especially on the days I would drive to Baltimore. Sending love and hugs and look forward to seeing you next week. xoxo

  101. I’m so bummed!! I love STM in the morning, helped make my hour commute to work a little easier!! Wish you guys this best! 🙂

  102. So sorry to hear the bad news. I didn’t find out until today, I was tuned in to 107.3 and kept wondering why they just kept hearing songs but no Sarah, Ty & Mel. I wish nothing but the best you three and the rest of your crew. On to bigger and better things. Best of luck! You will be missed!

  103. I’m so sad to hear the news. DC 107.3 made a real mistake. You guys have been the first group of DJs I could listen to in the morning. Such a dynamic group. You guys are all so awesome. I guess now Sammy could inquire about that museum position in Reykjavik; )

    I’ll follow you all in the cyber world until you find a new home. Best wishes!

  104. CJ

    Really shocked! I have truly enjoyed your morning show. This sucks! Won’t be going back to the other station. Guess I will have to settle for news radio in the morning or my personal Playlist. Wishing you all the best! I know we’ll hear more great things from each of you in the future.

  105. Oh no!!! Say it isn’t so? I can’t believe its the end of one of the fastest morning radio all the land!! I just can’t believe it!! Seems like the show just got started a short time ago.You guys/gals will truly be missed.You were an inspiration to us all.and couldn’t wait til 6am to hear you guys!! Take care in all you do.!i will always follow you.wherever you go!!

  106. mk

    I’m so upset about this!!! I’m out of town for work and was just catching up on social media and am so bummed!! Please post a recap of what you share on tv tomorrow and wishing the best for all of you. I made the switch from day one and just can’t stomach going back to the other guys. Guess it’ll be xm for me on the ride into work and then Spotify in the office. Was loving the throwbacks mixed in as well. Majorly bummed and 107.3 screwed this up big time!

  107. NOOO!!! So bummed and surprised to see this. I thought the show was doing great.

  108. Eleni

    I’m so sad to hear this! You guys were the best morning show in the DMV hands-down! It’s mind-boggling that the 99.5 morning show is still on the air. I better just stop here…

    I’m sure whatever is next for you will be amazing!! Wishing you all the best, Sarah!!

  109. Jen

    Love you, friend!

  110. So upset to hear this. I actually left XM for you guys. Guess I’m renewing my subscription # (blah) I’m sorry to read this….keep us posted where you land.

  111. Spider

    Saddened IS and understatement! I know you’re going to do even greater things.. You’re an inspiration to me for sure and I know you’ve inspired SO many… Till the next adventure!

  112. Pilar Flores

    What!!??? No way….this must be a joke. Sarah, I wish you guys all the best. What will I tune now?
    I left 99.5 , now 107.3
    What will we do?

  113. Agree with everyone else. I was so glad when you guys came back to DC. This sucks!! I wish you all the best and can’t wait to see what you do next!

  114. Jukie

    Nooooo!!!! I am so sad to hear this. I LOVED the show and will really miss you all. I wish each of you the best of luck in your next adventure. Please keep us posted on where you all go.

  115. I am shocked & so upset. I don’t have the words to convey my disappointment ? I’ve been listening since the first few weeks you guys were on air. I just really cannot comprehend who thinks this is a good idea. This was the best radio show in ALL THE LAND!! ❤️❤️

  116. No! So bummed out! You had me and my friend Sarah in the studio for Valentine’s Day and we had so much fun with you guys! I hope you all find a new and awesome place to land that’s even better.

  117. BOO!!!!

  118. This is terrible. I was so happy that Sarah and Samy came back on radio together and now they’re gone again. I can’t believe that this radio station is going in another direction when a lot of people listen to it. They need their head examined.

  119. Tanisha

    Can I just say, Sarah… you are inspiration to us all. You continue to take risks, live fearlessly, and challenge yourself. You don’t underatand how you empower those around you. Although the show has come to an end, I know you will be led to where you need to be. I look forward to seeing what lies ahead of you because you my dear have a purpose and you are touching lives. All of you will do great things. Thank you for sharing your journey with us. Love you, Sarah!

  120. I don’t understand!!!! Why?!?!?! This can’t be real!!!!!! What the hell am I supposed to listen to on my hour commute?! This is just all kinds of wrong!!!

    (There aren’t enough exclamation points in the world to appropriately convey my extreme sadness, disappointment, and confusion.)

  121. Seriously going to start crying. I’m so sad to hear this:( I can’t wait to see what you do next. I am always impressed with everything that you do!

  122. Can you post a link to Good Day DC after it’s up? I won’t be able to watch it during my commute.

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