Total Dental Care! 3 Reasons To Never Fear The Dentist Again

3 Reasons To NEVER Fear The Dentist AGAIN!

Hey everyone! So recently I partnered with Dr. Mary Alexander who is not only a dentist she is also one of the partners of Total Dental Care in Germantown, MD. Dr. Mary and all the dentists as TDC are AMAZING, and service toddlers to seniors! TDC has turned the average dentist appointment into a comfortable visit for all patients no matter what your level of fear or joy is for going to the dentist.

My Visit To Total Dental Care

My Visit To Total Dental Care

Total Dental Care is a multi-specialty practice, which covers general dentistry, pedodontics, periodontics, orthodontics, and oral surgery. Forget having to make separate appointments, you can get everything done here. I suffer from periodontal disease and it’s great to get everything done in one trip. I can have the dentists at TDC discuss my options for a graph for my perio tooth and get a cleaning all at the same time. On top of that, Dr. Mary Alexander offers the latest technology in her practice including digital x-rays, 3D imaging, heated and massage dental chairs, and more! Am I at a spa or the dentist!?

Dr. Mary From Total Dental Care

Dr. Mary From Total Dental Care

I love teeth. I love the idea of taking care of my teeth because thru the years I’ve been educated as to how important your teeth and gum health is, but I use to be scared. I use to be terrified of going to the dentist…I think it’s more the build up than actually going. Dr. Mary and her team meet you where you’re at and there’s never any judgement. In case you’re still feeling nervous here are Dr. Mary’s 3 Reasons TO NEVER FEAR THE DENTIST AGAIN:

1) Have anxiety? TDC has different levels of sedation to ease your nerves so you can leave the office with only remembering how comfortable you were in that massage chair! Be sure to ask Dr. Mary about this when you make your appointment. 

2) TDC is a JUDGEMENT FREE ZONE! TDC wants to service you and your teeth no matter where you are in your dental care! Like so many of us we’ve been judged on our appearance or maybe on what we ‘should’ have been doing with our teeth, but if you weren’t ready no problem. Dr. Mary and her team understand and don’t judge.

3) Environment! No more cold, scary rooms. Dr. Mary Alexander designed her practice with you in mind! Have your services done while you relax in a spa-inspired chair that offers a massage and is heated. All that’s missing are some hot stones. Plus, tea, coffee, lots of toys for the kids. Want to listen to music or watch TV while getting treated? TDC has all the bells and whistles.

Dr. Mary and me at Total Dental Care

Dr. Mary and me at Total Dental Care

Ready to make your next dental appointment!? Total Dental Care has flexible hours, with hours on Saturdays and evening hours on Thursdays. They accept most PPO benefits, but also offer an in-house plan for patients without dental benefits. And! BONUS! Dr. Mary Alexander is offering a $99 special RIGHT NOW for new patients’ covers and exams, bitewing x-rays, and cleaning if eligible.

OMG! SO AMAZING! Call Dr. Mary Alexander at Total Dental Care in Germantown right now to experience a dental visit like never before! (241) 813 – 9111

My appointment is first of January! Xo, Frase

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