RECAP! Hey Frase 328 – Christian Swingers, AJ’s Back, and Top Sheets

RECAP! Hey Frase 328 – Christian Swingers, AJ’s Back, and Top Sheets

“I was at this wedding and this couple…one of them shit their pants!”

Sarah and AJ reunited on Wednesday’s episode!

On Wednesday’s episode of Hey Frase, we got to welcome AJ back from her fabulous trip to Mexico! She filled us all in on her brother’s wedding—plus, we got to talking about Christian Swingers in Florida and Jordyn Woods’ alleged betrayal. Plus, are millennials really ditching their top sheets?

Sarah experienced some major price tag envy when hearing about AJ’s brother’s big day. After spending way more than she should have on marquis “Mr and Mrs” letters, she was shocked to hear that AJ’s brother was able to have a full-blown parade after his wedding for $200! Is it too late for Sarah to plan a wedding in Mexico instead of Maine?

We also were super fascinated by this news story of Christian Swingers in Florida. Apparently, this couple hosts swinger events and then everyone talks about the bible together! Is Swingers Bible Study a step too far? Do we expect anything less from the great state of Florida?

Sarah and AJ also talked their theories on the Jordyn Woods scandal…we really just can’t believe that she would do that. Would she really keep Kylie’s baby secret for months but make out with Tristan at a bar? We’re thinking publicity stunt cause we just can’t wrap our heads around that level of poor decision-making if it’s true.

Lastly, we discussed the new, gross trend of millennials ditching their top sheets all together! Apparently they just sleep with a fitted sheet and a blanket and call it a night! What do you think—is this less or more offensive than the millennials sleeping with a mattress on the floor?

Let us know and tune in to hear more!

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