Archive: July 2013

Urban Girl Squad

I landed my first promotional video shoot here in NYC last week with the just for women networking site Urban Girl Squad. They asked me to do a little behind the scenes video for their Aug. 1st "Get Banged" event here in NYC! On Thursday they're teaming up with the fun 'toy' store Babeland in...

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The best…or maybe the worst first pic of the #Royal Baby

So last night I'm scrolling my home page on facebook and I couldn't help but notice this hilarious picture of Wills and Kate with their 'baby!' Anyway...offensive or not it made me laugh and I had to share.  I ended up getting a funny tweet this morning for someone who picked up my tweet and...

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How I gave up Dieting For Good!

I had never heard of until they approached me about writing an article for them about my journey with Dieting and Mindful living. Since then I've loved checking out all the information and stories from women who are experience 'quater life' issues. Everything from relationships,...

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Advice Booth – All about Your Wedding Questions this week.

Hi, I’m Sarah Fraser. Former radio and TV host – now out on my own creating my own talk show pilot and working on becoming an entrepreneur. When I was co-hosting the radio show I was always known as the “Voice of Reason” and received dozens of questions from listeners so I decided to start 

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Advantage Financial

Advantage Financial is a DC based Credit Union! Earn $50 when you open a new account!