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Stressed and angry with life? Try this! It might help;)

I do have to say I don't wake up angry and hating life anymore like I use to in college. I think it’s mostly because I’ve cut way back on my drinking, being hung-over as hell can make you hate a lot of things. Self-awareness has changed my anger level too – I just finished Oprah and Deepak...

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Questions and my recap of the 2013 VMA’s

Last night the annual MTV Video Music Awards were held in Brooklyn. As a lover of celebrity and pop culture I had to tune in. Here are some of my takeaways and questions I had from the show: Can someone please tell me why all the VMA pre show hosts all seemed like they were reporting from the...

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Holy Crap…when will Game of Thrones be back?

Did you guys happen to see these pictures of Kit Harington aka Jon Snow from Game of Thrones? Just found this story on - apparently Harington has been training very hard for a film he's staring in called Pompeii but damn this pix got me wondering when GofT is set to...

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Avoiding Public Spots and My weight!

Have you ever avoided public places because of the way you looked? I have. I've avoided parties, my favorite bar, family events, and even turned down a date with a Major League Baseball player because of the way I thought I looked! The craziest part is when I go back and look at pictures now I...

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5 movies every single girl should watch

Romantic movies can really mess with a woman's mind:( Most romantic movies that I've seen leave me with a feeling of unrealistic expectations of how I'm going to find love and keep it.Thankfully, I have some of the most amazing female friends a girl could ask for and over the years my...

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