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How to NOT freak out when you’re 25 and all your friends are engaged!

Yesterday I had the best conversation with a group of women who were visiting from DC. We were probably five minutes into meeting when one of the ladies was commenting on hard it is being 25, single, and not engaged. They were chatting about how their good friends are obsessed with getting a ring on it, announcing it on Facebook, and filling Pintrest boards with wedding plans. Without thinking I immediately blurted out ‘DON’T get engaged, you’re gonna love your life!’ 

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Party in the front, Master Splinter’s Rat Nest in the back!

This week I decided to try a Jennifer Aniston hair tip that I heard about on Good Morning America. Jennifer Aniston apparently never blow dry's her hair. I think I've been blow drying my hair since I was 12 and honestly I've been dying it since then too so I don't even know my true hair...

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The Kardashians have a chance to actually be real!

Yeah Yeah Yeah I know what you're thinking....I can't stand the Kardashians, why is Sarah blogging about this? Well, I actually like the show. I liked it a lot more when it first started and it felt a lot more real. You might remember the therapy session a couple of seasons ago with Kris, Khloe,...

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When you binge eat have you thought about being kind to yourself?

I was a huge binge eater for 16 years. I could go weeks without eating something sweet but the minute I was overtired, stressed, or angry I would be ordering a large pizza from Papa Johns and telling the delivery guy that the pizza was for my friends and me so he'd be sure not to judge:/ Binge...

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My 4 Tips on How to Take the Leap and follow your Dream!

Taking the leap and following your dream job, how do you actually do it? Loads of you have written to me on this topic but I decided to focus on Jill's email this week. She wrote to me and is at a crossroads with following her dream, so I decided to share with you what worked for me. Here are my 4...

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Have some Popcorn and read my butt!

I love wearing items that are conversation starters...its like you let the clothing, cocktail, ring, or top do the talking for you. Here are two items that I just discovered that will have men and women stopping you on the street and saying hello:) Kate Spade: Cinema City Popcorn Bag. Buy it...

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The Deep Dark Secret Test

I happened to come across this quiz on an old prep site I use to frequent, I love fun quizzes so I decided to share with you. Take it and let me know if the answers were right on or total BS!? :0 My answers are at the bottom. Have fun and email anytime: THE DEEP DARK...

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A face mask that can cure a hangover!?

I love a couple of French Gimlets, sangrias, glasses of wine, champagne...ok, I like a lot of different types of booze. I've cut wayyyy back on my drinking (only 2 nights a week now) but I'm realizing that even at 31 I'll still throw back a couple of Rolling Rocks if the night calls for it....

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Advantage Financial

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