Give him the Dog Test!

Its Thursday so why not put your man to the test? I certainly wouldn’t let this quiz make or break your relationship ladies but you already knew that:)

I seem to find that simple and mindless quizzes can often lead to interesting conversations with your significant other. And, in case you’re not into fellas and you prefer the lady pond, try this quiz on your girlfriend…I think it would work on her too!

Happy Thursday, Sarah  

PS – Tell me if the quiz was accurate:)  


Want to know the real deal on what your guy wants from a relationship? Find 

out his relationship style by giving him the dog quiz. Ask him this
question, “If you were a dog, what breed would you be?” then give him the
four choices below.

If he answers LAB:

Despite the fact that this guy is super social, he loves spending alone time
with you. He’s a loyal guy that’s not bound to stray so you can trust him.

If he answers BEAGLE:

He wants a woman who can match wits with him. You’ll win this guy over by
talking politics, books, and movies. This guy also likes to try new things
so use your imagination.

If he answers PUG:

The guy that picks the pug wants a woman with a playful spirit and a great
sense of humor. Although he’s not into deep conversations, you’ll love his
funny and irreverent side.

If he answers HUSKY:

This guy prides himself on being your protector. He’s also into the outdoors
and will want a partner who can rustle up a campfire as well as hike

underneath the stars. Enjoy this rugged adventurer.


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  1. shannon

    what if he doesn’t pick any of those? he’ll just end up being a Chihuahua ….aka..a smart ass drunken bitch mutt!..oh wait..those r my exes.n that’s why im still single.sigh

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