How about Moonshine as a Gift?

I’m changing up my gift game. I use to just give a bottle of wine or some chocolates but I’m into anything goes and that applies to gifts too. I like to find things that are a combo of my personality, conversation starters, and functional for the person receiving it, so when I found this bottle of moonshine at a Stamford liquor store I thought I would go for it.

The moonshine is for a young couple who have really helped me out since landing in the NYC area. I figure what the heck…it will certainly leave an impression – would you forget who gave you a bottle of moonshine as a thank you?

HAHA – frase  

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Here’s where you can buy Mooshine: OleSmokyMoonshine


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  1. shannon

    great idea! i’ll take two please lol

  2. I took my husband to Charles Town/Harper’s Ferry WV for his birthday and we visited an awesome Moonshine Distillery in town
    ( – I would totally gift them!

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