Here’s my formula for Online Dating!

Its Advice Thursday – today is the day of the week where I either blog or vlog your most interesting questions. You can always email me any question or situation that you’re going thru and I’ll give you a formula that has worked for me. You may get the answer you’re looking for from suggestion 1, or suggestion 50, or something entirely different. The point is what you discover is better than what you’re told.

xo, Sarah

Email from Ashley:

I am new to online dating and I just recently joined I have a few emails from guys. How many times do you email back and forth before you offer to meet? Or should I wait for him to ask me?

Also, at what point do you stop talking to the other ‘connections’? For example, if you go on a few separate dates but decide to see one guy more than once, should you stop seeing the others?

Thank you!


Ashley…Here’s what I suggest.

1) 3-5 Rule. If the conversation over email and is going well…I say you email for 3-5 days and then its green light to meet in person. Don’t you feel like within 3 emails you know if you have chemistry with someone?

2) Make Moves. Don’t wait for him to ask you, if you’re feeling him and into the vibe…GO FOR IT.

3) Cast a Wide Net. Go out on as many dates as you want from Until you’ve determined the relationship with a guy you both are free to see who else is out there. Don’t be so quick to be exclusive…you might want to see who’s around the corner:)

4) Be Up Front. Ball is always in the woman’s court. Take your time and think about what you really want and then tell him. If he’s really into you you’ll both stop talking to other connections. If not be grateful for his honesty and move on!

5) There are NO rules in Love. Relax…don’t put yourself under the stress of…’I can’t ask him out first’ or’ I’m not going to sleep with him til date 5.’ In the end the person whose your match won’t be keeping track of who said what and or how many dates you had before you slept together.

Let me know what happens. Ohhhh….I can feel that you’re gonna find a really great catch. xo, sarah


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