Why Fellas…Why?

This post is coming from a place of non-judgment. We ladies just want some answers…Mandy sent me this text message she received from a guy she’d only known for a couple of days. She wanted to know if men are really that aggressive? 

In my opinion, I say yes, some men really are that aggressive, but I’m doing a survey for the ladies. Fellas – if you’ve ever sexted within the first couple hours or days of meeting a woman asking her for nude photos or to make a naughty recording it must have worked, right? 

If you’re a man and an aggressive texter, or you were in the past, can you answer the following questions:

A. When you text a woman something very sexual after just meeting her, how often do you get a response?

B. When you ask a woman for a nude picture how often will she send it? 

C. Does aggressive texting usually result in a first date? 

Thank you fellas – I will keep your names anonymous, we would just like to know in a kind, curious way, why some men are so aggressive:)

Sincerely, The Female Population. 

Email me anything, anytime: sarah@heyfrase.com  


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  1. shannon


  2. Tom O'Brien

    This post is absolutely rare and obsolete in my opinion. More accurate "aggressive" text would be a late night text for an attempted booty call or to aggressively get the woman to go out. This dude is a freak and it would be in this woman’s best interest to ignore and possibly block this weirdo/pervert. This is talk you do with someone you have been physical with for a long time and someone that you are comfortable with and trust (or if you happen to be a prostitute or work a sex chat hotline). Sending things like "Im gonna eat something out your ass" and "masturbate and send it to me" when you just met someone is beyond creepy. Terrible example of male aggression.

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