Living Your Dream can be Darn Scary:/ Here are 4 Tips to Stop Your Fears!

So you’ve figured out what your true calling and passion in life is but you’re afraid of actually putting yourself out there and do it, I get it, criticism is one of the scariest things.

Action will always kill fear and here are my four steps for overcoming any fear and actually DOING IT!

Milk inspired this blog post…here was the email I received:

Hey Sarah,

I just saw your weekly advice video. It’s definitely inspired me to pursue my dream job. I have aspired to be a photographer for so long. Everyone who sees my photos, and they say I’m very talented.

I’m writing to you because, I don’t know if I am. I’m always so judgmental in my own work, and I never think its good enough.

My question is, how do I get over this and stop feeling my work isn’t as good as others seem to think it is?

Ps: I love that you went after your dream. I’ve loved you since the Kane Show and I wish nothing but the best for you. I can’t wait to see you on tv. I truly believe you will get there

Lots of love,


1) Form your team. I have what I call ‘Team Sarah,’ this is a group of people that support me unconditionally and only offer me constructive criticism. Who is on your team? I have 5-8 people that I call for advice and who constantly review my work. These people should be only positive people, should be of all age ranges, and both male and female.

2) People are Jelly. Whenever someone criticizes your work always check the source. I love people and I use to wonder for years why men and women at my work, in my relationships, or my home situations would try to put me down, often times they were jealous. People envy those who take risks so whenever someone criticizes you, you’re on the right path. Most people are always sitting in the stands, they never play the game.

3) Watch Ashton Kutcher’s acceptance speech. This is my new go to motivational video. I LOVE Ashton’s acceptance speech from the Teen Choice Awards. Remember the world is made up of people who are NO smarter than you! Build a Life don’t just live one.

4) 90 day Action Plan. Write it out and give it to your “Team.” In the next 90 days how do you plan to put your work out there. Always be very detailed and find someone in your support system that will help you stick to it. Don’t worry if you don’t achieve everything but just taking ACTION is the biggest thing.

Love you and please email me anytime and anything:

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