Halloween Costumes for Women who Don’t Want to Go as Miley Cyrus

I don’t know about you but some Halloween’s I’m just over dressing up as a sexy cop, sexy pizza, or sexy whatever, not to mention this year we’ll be seeing a lot of Miley Cyrus’s and Breaking Bad charcters…So here are a couple of my alternative ideas for you ladies looking to change up your Halloween costume.

Also, I want to hear your ideas…feel free to email me and I would love to share them on my blog:) sarah@heyfrase.com

Enjoy, frase

The woman from the Prancercise Video. – Honestly, you would be my hero. The white camel toe pants, and can you imagine prancercising at the party all night? Game winner.

Batman and Robin – If you and your girlfriend put these costumes on for 10 minutes you’ll already be a better Batman than Ben Affleck! Enough said, men and women will love you and find you funny:)

Diana Nyad – Okay, you might have to be drunk to wear this costume out but weren’t you planning on it anyway? Diana is a hero and a moment in history…go big!

First Female NFL Ref – So you’re single and looking to score a date most men love football. Sarah Thomas is supposed to be a shoe-in as a ref for the NFL in 2014, you could throw yellow cards and give penalties to men all night…they will eat it up.

A Glamour Shot – I’ve already peed my pants. Can you imagine all Halloween with your big 80’s hair posing for pictures? You’ll be a like a celeb with your own paparazzi crew…this is a sure hit.

Long Island Medium – Oh my gawd, the hair, the nails, the readings! Give party guests readings all night in your best Long Island accent…I love it already. Just wear a sign around your neck with the TLC logo and everyone will get it:)

Orange is the New Black – Every year I see the group of women dressed as A League of Their Own but that is so 2009, OITNB theme with all your GFs in jumpsuits would be hilarious.

Response (2)
  1. shannon

    do u believe in the long island medium? I think that her readings r real. I would love to meet her. I could have met Eminem one day. but I got nervous and chickened out like a dumb ass. did meet his band tho

  2. Jessica

    Ahh so funny I totally want to dress up as a glamour shot now!! 😀

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