I no longer want someone else’s body.

I use to want several thin actresses bodies. Not only did I want the thigh gap and my back ribs to show I use to BELIEVE that my life would be easier and happier if I did. Its taken me 3 years to give up dieting and find my natural weight, it feels amazing to no longer want to be someone else.   

It’s exhausting constantly thinking about food, weight, and trying to be a magazine cover. I wanted to share this post because I talk a lot about giving up dieting but I’m sure several of you are wondering what the hell you would do if you actually did give up dieting. I’m sure you’re thinking you can’t imagine a day going by when you wouldn’t think about your weight, the size of your arms, or regretting things you ate, but you can…I’m proof. 

The other day my uncle said to me ‘Sandra Bullock looked amazing in Gravity, you know, you could look that way too if you wanted.’ A couple of years ago comments like that would have sent me into a tailspin for a week and looking for another diet. I know what it feels like when your parents, family members, or co-workers seem to be obsessed with your weight. But you can give up dieting, trust yourself to eat when you’re hungry and stop when you’re not, and no longer constantly hate the way you look. 

Don’t be fooled…this process takes more than 30 days, so my advice is to ignore magazines and weight loss programs that tell you can lose 15lbs in 30 days. You can but you’ll gain it all back. 

Here’s how you can start…

Start by pausing and seeing if you’re hungry…do you know what hunger feels like? Think about that for awhile and even keep a journal.  

Really be conscious of no longer making negative comments about your body out loud. I use to be the first to tell people I was fat, I hated my arms, I never say a negative thing about my body out loud anymore.   

Every time you have a negative thought in your head about your body or how you’ll never land the man of your dreams at a certain weight say something positive about your body, eventually that negative inner voice will quiet.

And, of course, I no longer buy magazines/books/etc. with diet tips – its about finding a natural balance with food and your body image – a diet will never do this. 

PS – Remember loving your body and finding your natural weight takes A LOT of time…there is no 30 day fix. Be good to yourself.  

Lots of love and email me anything, anytime: sarah@heyfrase.com 


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  1. I’ve loved to see your transformation; but I loved to hear that YOU love YOU and love your LOOK the most!

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