The “You’re Fired Myth” Debunked.

Are you good at your job, always being praised, have faith in your ability and skills but you’re constantly worried about being fired? Did that just sound like an infomercial?

HAHA…well, I have news for you, you’re not getting fired. Nope, in fact just the opposite, your company probably secretly loves you. 9 times out of 10 unless your company is downsizing, your furloughed, or your ratings suck, YOU’RE NOT GETTING FIRED.

Every single radio job I’ve ever had I’ve been paranoid the company was going to fire me, it was crazy. I use to think I was crazy alone, but the other week having dinner with my friend Hilary she was saying that she was afraid to bring an issue up to her boss because she was worried she was going to get fired! I was like…WHAT!?? She works 60+ hours a week for her boss and she’s good at it, how can she even think that?

So I realized we’re not alone…many people wrestle with the ‘you’re fired myth’ too, and after quitting my job I’ve had time to reflect on the truth. The truth is if you’re always afraid of getting fired its a mix of the job environment you’re in and your own insecurities. I’ve found that many job environments and bosses like to remind you that you’re replaceable and they can always be ‘looking’ for a new Sarah or whoever, but Its BS. Companies play that game because they don’t want you to become complacent, of course, their strategy ends up driving good employees away instead of helping them excel but that’s another blog.

And…it’s a mix of YOU not believing in your own talents! Believe in how good you are! Seriously…if you show up everyday on time, sober, and accomplish half your reports and duties correctly, with a smile on your face you’re not going anywhere! People would say to me all the time that it was impossible to find a good female radio co-host and I had tons of job security…they were right. I just didn’t believe it. I didn’t believe it because I took the ‘your replaceable’ attitude the company had way to personally. For the most part its very difficult to replace someone who is good and it costs a lot.

So speak up! Say how you feel, go forward with the idea you came up with because most likely you’re not getting fired! Action will always kill fear.

Here are couple of thoughts on How to Stop Worrying about being Fired:

1) Ask yourself why do you really feel like you’re going to be fired? Is it based on any facts or the story you’re telling yourself? Listen to what people are saying about you at work…is it positive but you spin it into something else?

2) Make sure you’re doing your job well. Are you showing up on time, sober, and is your work done well?

3) Speak up! Ever notice how the person who speaks up, pushes back on management, always seems to have a job? Yeah…they might be a dick or management might appreciate their passion.

4) Never stop networking. With groups like networking is so easy. Push yourself to make new contacts. 

Heart you. Email me anything anytime: 

PS – Do men have the ‘you’re fired’ phobia or is it just us ladies? Feel free to comment. 


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  1. Crystal

    My husband and I were just talking about this a few days ago! He expressed to me that he has this phobia. I have never had it, so I can’t relate but I can see how it would drive someone crazy.

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