Melissa Bachman: Should public figures delete their social media accounts when controversy hits?

I will defend a woman all the way to the end. In fact I usually go out of my way to find any angle in an argument to defend a woman. The men in my life would probably describe me as a feminist on Red Bull, but when I saw the story of TV host and professional hunter Melissa Bachman posting her latest take down of a male Lion in South Africa – she didn’t leave me much to defend. Actually nothing.

I was sickened to go thru all the pictures of M. Bach’s and her kills. Loads of beautiful creatures killed for her pleasure and of course a photo op. She’s now being called the most hated woman on the internet and a petition is circulating to stop Melissa from being able to hunt in more countries.

But…what I also found interesting about this story was that Melissa immediately deleted her social media accounts after the controversy started. I can understand why…who is gonna defend this lady? But she’s being branded a ‘coward’ on the internet for doing that too.

So my question is…do you think public figures should delete their social media accounts when controversy hits them? Or, in this case, would you have had some respect for Melissa if she’d kept her twitter account activated and stood by or tried to explain her decisions?

Love to hear your thoughts….please comment below:)

xo, frase

A petition that is being signed to stop Melissa Bachman from further kills.

Response (2)
  1. shannon

    is it illegal to kill those things?

  2. Laura

    I def think it’s the coward thing to do, she for what ever reason felt it was ok to kill the poor thing and had the balls to post it’s dead body and now the internet hates her and she disappears she needs to own what she did instead of hiding like a bi$&@

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