If you could ask your mother just 3 questions what would they be?

What have you always wanted to know about your mother? Mistakes she’s made, great things she’s done but never shared, or how she really feels about the guy you’re dating? HA. Happy, interesting, funny, or sad I’m sitting my mom down for a surprise 3 question interview this Thanksgiving week. 

I think I’m going to ask her 3 of the following questions but I can’t decide which!? What do you think? Which of the 3 should I pick?

Here they are for Alicia:

What do you think is the biggest mistake people make in life?

What year would you live over again and why?

If dad were still alive do you think you’d still be married or divorced?

How would you react if I eloped and didn’t tell you?

If I made sex toys and designed one in your name what would it be called?

I would love to see you interview your mom too. Feel free to ask your mom any 3 questions and email me the video: sarah@heyfrase.com. Mom’s are amazing and teach us so much…good and bad. Please know that your video could be posted on this site at anytime. 

xo, Frase

PS – If you don’t like the questions I’ve selected for my mom feel free to suggest others I should ask her. 


Response (2)
  1. Samantha Green

    Love this idea! Totally want to borrow this idea for a blog post one day soon!

    And I really like the married/divorced question!

  2. shannon coffey

    great picture

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