How do you recover from blackface or going as a Boston bombing victim? Thoughts on this years worst Halloween costumes.

I know it happens every year but this year I was particularly surprised at how offensive some of the Halloween costumes were that hit the internet. It started with Julianne Hough going in blackface as a character from Orange is the New Black, the kids in Florida who dressed in blackface as Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman, and it ended with, in my opinion the saddest of all, 26 yr old Alicia Ann Lynch from Michigan who decided to dress up as a Boston bombing victim and go to work.

Every mass shooting and terrorist attack we’ve had in this country is heartbreaking. For me the Boston bombings in April hit me really hard…maybe it was because it happened so close to my home state of Maine or the fact that the little boy who was killed was in the same class as my niece Kimber but I couldn’t get over it. So when I saw Alicia’s Boston bombing costume It really made me wonder how someone gets from point A to B in dressing up in something so insensitive?

Do you think someone who wears blackface for Halloween has just never known discrimination? Someone who dresses up as murder victim, have they never known deep loss?

I really want to be with one of these offensive costume wearers the 10 minutes before they go out. Did NO one in Jullianne Hough’s group pause for one moment and go…”oh, maybe not such a good idea?” Really?

Then it leads me to ask how does a person recover after wearing blackface? Or dressing as a Boston bombing victim with their picture all over the internet, cause I don’t know. Alicia and her family have been receiving death threats and she claims on her twitter page that she lost her job. There is always a way to recover and I have to believe that Alicia knows exactly the huge mistake she made. Now she has to right it and how she does that is yet to play out.

I guess the point of this blog post is if you or anyone you know is thinking of dressing as a murder victim, bombing victim, putting on any kind of face paint that isn’t obviously a clown, going as the world trade center, or a member of the Taliban, or anything that requires you smearing excessive amounts of blood all over your body that isn’t obviously a zombie, before you do it, survey the following people and if just one person flinches….DON’T WEAR IT!

Someone that is from a different racial background than you are.

Someone that has lived through a war.

Someone who is at least 20 years older than you.

Someone who is married to a person of the same sex.

Someone who has suffered great loss.

Here’s to a more loving 2014 Halloween. xo, sarah

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