Your last 5 photos challenge..

I admit that I love going thru peoples homes, drawers, and cell phone pictures. So fun to peer into someone else’s life. It got me thinking if you were to go thru the last 5 pictures on my phone without me explaining, what judgements would you make about me?

Below are the last 5 pictures I took on my phone. In 2 sentences just by judging me on my random pictures how would you describe me?

You might come up with…Sarah is a self absorbed card playing drunk, whose dating an old man that looks like Liberace:/ HA…just a guess there! Of course we all know I’m none of those things;)

BETTER YET…I want you to send me the last 5 pix in your phone…no deleting, and the world and me will come up with 2 sentences describing who you are based off the photos! Of course we all know you’re AMAZING so it will be in fun. 

Send your pix to and just know that they could be used on my blog and other’s can comment on them too! I’ll monitor the comments, just in case:)

xo, Sarah  


Response (5)
  1. Sarah Fraser

    and in the one picture in the lower left hand corner I having flaring nostrils! Just and FYI 😉

  2. Kara Jurk

    Sarah is a selfie loving lush who moonlights as a psychic for her friends it looks like she may have addiction for playing gin with older men..

    1. Kara Jurk

      **an addiction

  3. Josh Reed

    Hmm… Sarah is someone who likes to go out a lot and spend time with other people. And she’s a fan of selfies. Haha

  4. AJ

    Tia Pooler everybody

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