Who is Bethany Mota and why you should care!

Bethany Mota. Celebrity meets marketing machine!

Who is Bethany Mota? If you’re like me and addicted to the internet, especially twitter, you might have noticed that one phrase has been trending on and off for the past 6 days nationwide…


Once you click on the trend and do some poking around you learn that Bethany Mota is an 18 yr old blogger/vlogger from Modesto, California. Bethany makes Youtube videos about fashion, beauty, and DIY projects geared toward teen girls. Her videos have millions of hits and she even has her own clothing line that was just released at Aeropostale.

(BTW she’s been trending for so long because she’s doing a monster giveaway on her Twitter and Instagram).

For anyone over the age of 14 the minute you click on one of her videos you might be turned off by her simple explanations and over the top sweetness but don’t be fooled. After 3 secs of watching I was addicted, and oddly found myself lasting thru her sometimes 9 minute long videos.

So at this point you’re also probably asking yourself who!? What!? Huh!?

I mean who is this girl? When was the last time you’ve seen Rihanna or GAP trend for 6 days? Bethany isn’t an actress or a singer but I do think she’s brilliant.

Bethany Mota is changing the game for marketers, celebrities, and consumers. I would describe Bethany as a mix of Rebecca Black meets QVC. Most of her videos seem like the “All American” girl doing product placement ads for teens. Bethany’s makeup and hair are flawless in every video, and you can’t help but feel Bethany is on the verge of bursting into a cute Taylor Swift song about dumping her boyfriend and carving his initials into a tree at any moment.

But Bethany also makes me want to ask several questions. For one, I’m confused about claims on her Wiki page that she wants to inspire young girls to be themselves….here’s the quote:

‘Bethany’s goal was to help young girls feel confident in themselves and feel good about themselves. Despite her channel being about makeup, Bethany wants everyone to know that they’re beautiful know matter what.’

I’m not really sure how she’s doing that!? To me, I think most teen girls in this country can’t afford a Michael Kors watch, La Mer facial creme (It retails for about $155.00 a bottle), and a MacBook Pro. I would imagine most teen girls are dealing with their parents divorcing, hating their bodies, boy issues, and bullying. (Bethany alleges she was bullied as well when she returned to public school after being home schooled).

In fact if I were 16 watching her videos I would probably have a panic attack over where I’m going to find the money to buy all the stuff she’s promoting…are more teens going to be inspired or become drug dealers from her videos? I kid…

I don’t want to come off as trashing her because like I stated from the beginning I think she’s changing the game for celebs, marketers, and could single handedly put HSN and QVC out of business. Her videos are great. She creates a storyline while selling you something at the same time, isn’t that the goal of every advertising agency in the world? You come into Bethany’s almost perfect world for 8 minutes and instantly want her adorable PJ’s and the candles she’s burning. I’m not gonna lie at 31 I want her hair and makeup too!

Although I love the concept of what she’s doing, Bethany’s story seems a little too good to be true. It doesn’t take you long to realize that all the editing, sound, and cut aways on Bethany’s videos take a ton of time and money to produce. Her camera equipment alone has to be thousands of dollars and launching your own clothing line takes people years and a lot of backing. A major production for your average girl next door to pull together, not to mention her father is allegedly a major TV Producer.

I would love to know more about Bethany and Break Thru Radio and I have reached out to her to see about an interview. She certainly has a genius marketing ability but it would be interesting to find out the source. I guess you can’t help but ask yourself is Bethany a real person or perhaps a great marketing tool by a Hollywood firm or company like Aeropostale? Either way I think celebs and marketers should be nervous – Bethany appears to be the future for entertainment and consumerism.

Love to know your thoughts. Feel free to leave a comment or email me: Sarah@heyfrase.com.

PS – If you leave a comment below and tweet a link to this blog story to me on twitter: @heyfrase – You will be qualified to win a used sweatshirt from my drawer;) Inspired by  #bethanymotagiveaway. (this is a serious giveaway. someone will win a treat from my drawers).

Lots of love, Sarah

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  1. Ilybethanymota

    You are soo mean she is not going to make teens become drug dealers!?!

    1. princess

      Your so dumb…lmao

  2. Marissa

    Bethany is big, Elle and Blair, Dulce Candy….there a lots of girls in the YouTube community that are like Bethany. I’ll admit I watch their videos from time to time. Some I can’t stand their voice, or editing style. There are others that are really great (MakeupbyTiffanyD,EmilyNoel83, ItsJudyTime). My makeup and hair skills have gotten so much better because of them. But my bank account is a little smaller because of them as well. I agree with you these ladies/YouTubers are the future for entertainment and consumerism.

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