From DC to NYC: Here’s what I’ve learned so far!

Well hello there…I felt that it was time I gave you a little personal update on how things have been going for me since I packed up and moved from DC to NYC. Going for my dream has been amazing and I can honestly say I’ve learned more in the past five months about myself, my true passion, and the meaning of…


‘If you can make it in New York, you can make it anywhere!’


HAHAH…let me tell you hot stuff, New York is tough but in the best kind of way and something you shouldn’t be scared of if you’re thinking of quitting your job and chasing your dream.


Ok, so here’s what my days consist of: First, I’m lucky enough to be living with my gay uncles = gauncles in Stamford, CT. I’m officially in that group of college grads who have moved back in with their parents:0 The gauncles are great…they stay out of my business and the only thing they ask is that I don’t run the dryer when I’m not in the apt because apparently your dryer can catch on fire? Ok, fine!


I’m also working everyday for them from 9a-2p. at their Interior Design Space in Stamford. Fun gig. I’m surrounded by beautiful things and a lot of the Interior Decorators are former media personalities so we trade stories.


Now the fun part…I’m also pitching my own show to agents, production companies, and anyone that will listen. I’m going on auditions for commercials and hosting gigs too. I auditioned today for the HSN network to do some commercial work, would you mind googling the hiring manager at HSN and spamming their inbox to hire me? HAHAH…I kid…kinda;0


Looking for an agent is the best part…it truly is like a movie. What I’m realizing about following my dream is that only a few other people see it. For the most part I interview with agents and they go…’We think you’re great, now call us in a year when you’re more famous…And can you find your own way out!!?’


I LOVE IT. I repeat….I LOVE the rejection.


Why!? Because I’ve figured out the secret of New York. New York DEMANDS you do it! You have to prove it. Everyone here is good but how can you outlast them, stand out from them, how are you actually performing your craft every single day? NYC is forcing me to up my game in a way I haven’t had to do in years. Believe me I’m not the best female radio host in history but I was pretty damn good and at some point it was no longer a challenge. Selling my own show and figuring out a way to do it is a challenge.


Also, everyone in NYC keeps reminding me that NY weeds out those who don’t really want it, it tests you. There’s a woman in my apartment building that tells me everyday…”Sarah, everything will happen on God’s time.” Liz is right. I’ve never felt better about my future but I’ve never had as much uncertainty.


I have landed a gig too. I just became a video contributor for Break Thru Radio in the city and my first day is next week. Check them out and you’ll start seeing my weekly videos soon. Also, I’m getting ready to shoot a sizzle reel of my own “Entertainment Talk Show” in the next couple months (I can’t call it a talk show anymore because those words are like the kiss of death in TV right now). Anyway…I’m looking for a male co-host between the ages of 26-40…know of anyone?


You can email me anytime:


LOVE you and thank you all so much for continuing to follow me on Facebook, Twitter, telling your friends and family about me. It means the world to me that you are with me for this journey. I’m hoping I can entertain and inspire you always to go for YOUR dream.


Love, Sarah


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  1. Sarah, I lived in NY for a few years so I know exactly what you’re going through but it’s still the best city in the world, so enjoy it! Anyone who says they love the rejection probably doesn’t need cheering up anytime soon, but I’d recommend Dangerfields Comedy Club on 1st and 59th (I think!). We will follow your journey with interest.

    Lisa (from )

  2. misscy

    Hi Sarah! This was an inspiring read for me. I listened to you every morning during my commute to work/ school in DC. You really cheered me up when I was so stressed out about life. I just moved to California for my career and I am so homesick for DC. You will always be one of my fondest DC memories. This post encourages me to move forward, despite leaving great friends & memories, and to follow my dreams and embrace uncertainties. I wish you the best and just wanted to thank you for keeping me sane (and entertained). You are a star to me 😉

  3. katherin

    Hey Sarah! We love you down in DC! Im so glad u wrotw this for us to know how u r doing in NY. We’re glad to hear ur not giving up ur a tough cookie show them ur more thanjust another new yorker with a big girl bag (lol). I know your going to make it big in NY u made it big here real big so NY should be nothing. Keep ur head up stay strong enjoy the city and dont forget about us in DC. They will regret saying those things to u girl.


  4. Mary

    Great post. Great attitude about your situation. Lots of people wishing the best for you!

  5. shannon coffey

    I think you will hit it big. Actually, u have already started! so congratulations on the many many "big time ppl" things u r doing! I listened to U regularly in the mornings on the way to work. I would turn the volume up so I didn’t miss anything while I was pumping gas. (esp. when war of the roses was on) I see everywhere that ppl miss U on that show. That’s when I first knew about U. Then U were on that was it CNN news talk live type show? and that was cool. I wanted to see if U werw in fact "live" so I asked u to like touch ur ear or something and even gave my nephew a shout out. =)) now that ur in NYC seems like U have a lot of possibilities and dreams U r persuing <– sp,?
    I know ur a busy and wonderfully talented, inspiring business woman! Keep up the awesome work and I’m very excited to see u on the big carpet or whichever corporation place u join. They would be very lucky to have u @ their table, flowing w/ ideas and limitless things u could add to the mix! I’m just a fan of urs..and a regular retail worker (I’m a manager @ a petsmart)
    anywho. Hope u and ur family n friends have a very Merry Christmas and cheers to the year new(s) which includes doors and doors of new beginnings and openings ! Good Luck ! but U don’t need any luck. U got this! blessings ur way sweetie . XO Shannon

  6. One Chicklette

    Great post, Sarah. I know these adjustments are challenging but you’re the right person to tackle them. Glad to know you, hon!

  7. Dionne Gray

    I heard someone say today: "If your dreams don’t scare you, they’re not big enough."

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