5 movies every single girl should watch

Romantic movies can really mess with
a woman’s mind:( Most romantic movies that I’ve seen leave me with a feeling of
unrealistic expectations of how I’m going to find love and keep it.

Thankfully, I have some of the most
amazing female friends a girl could ask for and over the years my best
friend Celine has shared with me some very realistic movies on the truth of
love, the highs and lows of relationships, and I think, the misery of settling
for someone whose a C+ at best.

So while everyone is doing a summer
reading list here’s my list of the 5 movies every single girl should watch. Let
me know what you think: sarah@heyfrase.com – happy viewing.

1) Take This Waltz

Michele Williams and Seth Rogen will
make you question everything you thought about a ‘safe’ marriage. I love this

Take This Waltz is a 2011 Canadian
romantic comedy-drama film.  The film centers on
Margot, a 28 year old freelance writer who lives in a charming house
on a leafy street in Toronto‘s Little Portugal neighborhood, as she struggles
with and examines her feelings for Lou, her husband of five years, while
exploring a new relationship with Daniel, an artist and rickshaw
driver who lives across the street.

2) The Five-year Engagement

Stars: Emily Blunt and Jason Segel

One year after meeting, Tom proposes
to his girlfriend, Violet, but unexpected events keep tripping them up as they
look to walk down the aisle together.

3) Blue Valentine

Stars: Michelle Williams and ‘Hey Girl’ Ryan Gosling

Michelle Williams is one my favorite
actresses – This movie will have you questioning that small town relationship
you may have dreamed of.

4) My Best Friend’s Wedding

This is still one of my favorite
movies of all time. Julia Roberts and Dermot Mulroney – Its the original ‘he’s
just not that into you’ film – Always reminds me to stop chasing
someone who isn’t chasing you.

5) Guinevere

Polley is a great actress and director, I could relate to this free spirit
young 20 something girl going for the older guy. A young girl from an affluent family
rebels and becomes involved with a much older photographer.

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  1. Jean

    Great Film Choices but the Last movie Stars Sarah POLLEY who you are right is amazing she went from child star to adult actress to director seamlessly!

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