Questions and my recap of the 2013 VMA’s

Last night the annual MTV Video Music Awards were held in Brooklyn. As a lover of celebrity and pop culture I had to tune in. Here are some of my takeaways and questions I had from the show:

Can someone please tell me why all the VMA pre show hosts all seemed like they were reporting from the eye of a hurricane? They all looked panicked, yelled at guests, and interrupted them.

Every news outlet this am is saying Miley Cyrus is a disgrace and destroying middle school aged girls. Are middle school aged girls even watching the VMA’s or just us 30 year olds who owned the N’SYNC barbie dolls?

A foam finger was violated by Miley Cyrus and will never be the same.

Pre-show: Do you think Pharrell Williams and the fellas he rode in with on the bikes  were reenacting a scene from E.T.?

I own the Robin Thicke Beatlejuice pants:(

I would probably wear Becky G’s ‘Ain’t No Wifey’ hat on the reg

I thought Lil Kim actually looked good.

Why do all the singers still grab their crotches? Can’t they come up with any new dance moves?

The rumors were true. Justin Timberlake and N’SYNC reunited for about 20 sec and it was amazing! 20 sec was long enough…anything beyond that Joey Fatone would have needed an oxygen tank.

A sound person is losing their job today after screwing up the sound for the entire Justin Timberlake/N’SYNC reunion. 🙁 Sorry buddy…pack your star trek figurines, you’re done.

Justin Timberlake is one humble man who gave thanks to the N’SYNC boys in his thank you speech for the Vanguard award. He’s an example of a person who always seems blessed and lets his talent do the talking while keeping his clothes on.

Same Love – Same Love. If we all could just live the lyrics of the Mackelmore Same Love song we’d be on our way to accepting ourselves, our family members, and our friends -maybe something to focus on today instead of Miley Cyrus.

Always love to hear your feedback. Please leave comments. Adore you and love you, sarah

my beatlejuice pants my beatlejuice pants

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  1. Mike Scott

    I think kids are still watching the VMA’s, just to have something to gossip about at school.

    I didn’t watch a minute of it last night, so thanks for the recap and thoughts.

  2. Markie

    Can we also just throw out there that Gaga looked like my childhood Barbie with no clothes and tangled hair. And the Hot Mess Award goes to….

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