Stressed and angry with life? Try this! It might help;)

I do have to say I don’t wake up angry and hating life anymore like
I use to in college. I think it’s mostly because I’ve cut way back on my
drinking, being hung-over as hell can make you hate a lot of things. Self-awareness
has changed my anger level too – I just finished Oprah and Deepak Chopra’s 21-day
meditation and a big theme was self-love and feeling a deep inner love that you
could project to others. That is hard to do, especially if you’re like me, and the
world could easily become all about myself if I didn’t stop and focus on other

One of the morning exercises was about a hand clapping practice that
will physically and mentally make you give love to the world before you head to
work. Try it…I had an audition last week that I was really nervous about – it
was with a serious news outlet – and I think you know for the most part serious
news ain’t my thing;) Before I left for work I did this practice and ended up having
a fantastic day! Maybe you should try it.

Love spreading love.

How do you stop your anger and shift your feelings? I would love for
you share, email me anytime:
– and let me know if you try this Oprah/Deepak practice, I want to know how it
goes. Xo, sarah  

From Oprah and Deepak’s 21 day meditation challenge

are more powerful and influential than you think! Today use this influence to
change the world. Take a few moments to visualize an energy pulse that is
filled with love and peace for all. One way to cultivate energy is to clap your
hands once and when they touch with impact begin to rub them together, back and
forth. Feel and visualize the heat growing and expanding between your hands.
Hold this energy ball as if it is the most precious gift you have to offer to
the world in this moment. Allow your hands to separate and feel the energy grow
within the space between your hands. Open your hands, sending this tangible
loving intention to someone you know or to everyone in the world. Once you have
offered your gift, let go, knowing that your love has already been received.’


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  1. Bekah Walsh

    Just surrounding yourself with positivity helps – motivational music, non-toxic people,etc. When I’m really stressed, I have a meditation app on my phone as well. So if I’m at home I can stop for as little as 3 minutes, as many as 30, and do a little reset.

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