Avoiding Public Spots and My weight!

Have you ever avoided
public places because of the way you looked? I have. I’ve avoided parties, my
favorite bar, family events, and even turned down a date with a Major League
Baseball player because of the way I thought I looked! The craziest part is when
I go back and look at pictures now I wasn’t over weight at all, it was all in
my mind!

Thankfully after 3+ years of mindful living therapy I’m able to manage
my self body image even living here in NYC. NYC is interesting because a lot of
people are concerned with age and weight and I could see myself easily falling
back into that trap of trying to avoid very public places because of what
people may think of me.

This week I wanted to
share some practices that have been working for me to love the way I look
despite a number on a scale, and that constantly keep me OUT in public. I mean…I’m a
TV/Radio host honey…being in front of people is my job, so how can I
fear it? 

What I’ve discovered for
myself is that my weight is a direct link to a series of unhappy emotions or
events that have happened to me.  When
I’m unhappy in my job situation or living situation I eat. Now, I immediately
know when I dislike a co-worker, a boss, or the city I’m living in my constant
thinking about food is directly related. The truth is you might not be able to
move, change jobs, or confront an issue or person from your past immediately but you need
to acknowledge it…its the first step in moving toward a diet free and positive
body image.

Here are a couple of
daily practices that allow me to get OUT in public all the time and love who I

Daily gratitude list:

don’t actually do a list every day but once a week I write or sit for 5 minutes
and go thru all the things that are going really RIGHT in my life. You spend 5 minutes focusing on what’s great in your life and it will be hard to feel down about yourself. Here’s a
look at this weeks:

I’m grateful for my
gauncles who are allowing me to live with them rent free

I’m grateful for my
brother being sober

my mom’s health

my nieces and stepfather

that I have two legs

Meetup Groups –

Have you
checked out meetup.com – I love this damn site, I’m on it all the time.
I think I’ve signed up for 20 groups in NYC already,  you can literally search
anything. Women’s walking group, mindful eating, men and fitness, men and body
image. You’ll be amazed – tons of us have the same issues and interests and
everyone that goes to these groups is there to support you.

Talking to a friend that
gets it!

I have many great girlfriends; Tia is one of my best. She never judges
and always supports and listens. She’s also great about connecting me with more positive and non-judgemental friends that she knows. Who in your life do you trust to listen and help you out of your rut?

Do something positive for
someone else!

When you give to others you have less time to focus on all the
shit that isn’t going right for you. I could have a pity party for myself all
the time but I live a damn good life. Don’t LOL to loudly but recently I’m really into trash clean up
in public parks! I love it…I go out by self or with a group and picking up
trash makes me feel good about giving back! Do something for others today…It
will shift you from putting all the focus on yourself.

I love hearing about your
journey with food and body image. Email me anytime with questions or your
story! xo, sarah – sarah@heyfrase.com

PS – A full update on my
move to NYC to coming soon!


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  1. Diana

    So, SO happy for you Sarah! I wrote you an email awhile ago about my weight issues and how I totally relate to you. I’m thrilled you’re following your heart to NY, but DC folk miss your REAL TALK on air! God bless you, and your ambitious ventures in the city. Much Love~Diana

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