Have some Popcorn and read my butt!

I love wearing items that are conversation starters…its like you let the clothing, cocktail, ring, or top do the talking for you. Here are two items that I just discovered that will have men and women stopping you on the street and saying hello:) 

Kate Spade: Cinema City Popcorn Bag. Buy it here

Since I’m following my dream and I’m currently unemployed I don’t have a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of but Kate Spade always has fun handbags and good sales. if $358.00 for this clutch is too much now bookmark it for the sale later.  

Newspaper Leggings? Yes please. How cute are these? Great conversation starter and so cheap ($15)…How cute will it be when some hottie is trying to read your butt for the latest headline!? I love it. Let me know when you find love with these pants on;)

Enjoy the week and remember, drugs are overrated…try acupuncture first.  

xo, frase  



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  1. Taco

    Hi Sarah, I used to listen to you on the Kane Show and I just want to say kudos to you for following your dreams and for this lifestyle blog. You always have so much great advice for people, and it shows that you really care, at least I think so. I definitely miss you on the Kane Show (you AND Samy) but hopefully we see more of you on a national forum (which is what I think you are aiming for…?). Best of luck to you, and I hope all your dreams come true! (This was real sappy, I know, lol!)

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