My 4 Tips on How to Take the Leap and follow your Dream!

Taking the leap and following your dream job, how do you actually do it? Loads of you have written to me on this topic but I decided to focus on Jill’s email this week. She wrote to me and is at a crossroads with following her dream, so I decided to share with you what worked for me. Here are my 4 tips on how to take the leap and follow your dream. (sorry I keep saying 5 in the video…I can’t count today)

Hi Sarah,

I’m in the middle of what you could call a ‘life change’ right now. I was laid off in February from a job that I unhappily worked at for 9 years (I know, crazy!). It made me absolutely miserable bc it didn’t align with who I am or my views on what life’s all about but I never left, simply bc I craved the security of a steady paycheck. And I didn’t really know what my dream was or even how to begin to find it. 

Well now that I was literally forced out – a HUGE blessing in disguise –  It’s amazing. I’ve taken some steps in the right direction lately – I started a blog which is something I talked about doing forever. But I still feel very scared and a bit lost about my next steps. 

When I imagine my ideal life now I know I’d like to be a freelance writer. To have the freedom to live anywhere and write from the heart about things that matter to me really would be the fulfillment of what I believe my life’s purpose is. . 

I respect you following your dreams and I’d really love to hear what made you take the leap. 

Here are my 4 tips: 

PivotPlanet – This awesome website allows you to follow someone in the job field you think you want to be in! It will give you great insight…cost is anywhere between $75-$100 an hour.

Tell Everyone you meet – Years ago a radio station manager told me I shouldn’t tell people I want my own TV show because I’ll end up talking myself out of a job. In the past six years I’ve learned you should TELL EVERYONE. Your dream is about making the right connections…you never know who could be listening to you:)  Talk yourself into the job.

Write yourself a letter post-dated one year from now – Brand/Media developer Sammy Simpson suggested I do this exercise. I wrote myself a letter one year from now with very specific details of where I want to be working and what I want to do, you can work backwards once you have the final vision. 

Finances = Freedom – The more money and planning you can do now will be key when you leave your job. I planned for years that I’d be leaving a gig and moving to NYC. Seriously…salt away as much money as you can. Bring your lunch, cut way back on buying vodka tonics, and no drunk cigarette purchases.  

Love you…email me your advice question anytime on anything. xo, sarah  



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