Party in the front, Master Splinter’s Rat Nest in the back!

This week I decided to try a Jennifer Aniston hair tip that I heard about on Good Morning America. Jennifer Aniston apparently never blow dry’s her hair. I think I’ve been blow drying my hair since I was 12 and honestly I’ve been dying it since then too so I don’t even know my true hair color:( 

I need your help…I let my hair air dry and I love the way it feels…very soft and healthier already but a rats nest in the back? So if you wash and let your hair air dry do you use a product that helps smooth your hair while it dries? 

A first world problem I know but indulge me. 

Your tips for NOT blow drying your hair can be mailed to: 



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  1. shannon

    try purple aussie sprunch spray! its the perfect watery…not too much hairspray ..mist..thats like a mouse/gel..and ps. u have great getting gray grrrrrr

  2. Sarah Fraser

    Laura…I hear so much about ‘Its a 10’ product line I’m going to try it:) thank you, sarah

  3. Laura

    Try the "It’s A 10" product line!

  4. Sarah Fraser

    HHAHAHA Mexi – your comment about good ol’ west VA made me die laughing. Have a great day and thanks for your tip too. xo, frase

  5. Sarah Fraser

    Joy – Thanks so much for the suggestion:) I’m going to try jojoba oil. Have a wonderful Thursday. xo, sarah

  6. Roger

    You are such a hottie. Your hair looks great. Miss you here in DC and hope you’re doing well.

  7. Joy Andrews

    Your hair looks good, not nesty! I rarely blow dry anymore…after it’s dry I use curling iron to tame the crazies. I only use a dab of all natural jojoba oil, works like a mini hot oil treatment with the iron!

  8. Mexi

    I think your hair looks fine, but that’s probably because it’s what I’m used to seeing in ol’ West Virginia. Maybe a leave in conditioner might give you better texture. I like to use Straight Guard smooth styling cream by Chi.

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