The Kardashians have a chance to actually be real!

Yeah Yeah Yeah I know what you’re thinking….I can’t stand the Kardashians, why is Sarah blogging about this? Well, I actually like the show. I liked it a lot more when it first started and it felt a lot more real. You might remember the therapy session a couple of seasons ago with Kris, Khloe, Kim, Kourtney, and Rob,  Rob broke down about how he feels like he’s always in the shadows of his older sisters, still missing his deceased father, and he’s an after thought to Kris. I loved that scene….who couldn’t relate to a family issue like that?

So I was bummed to read a recent gossip article that said that the latest and upcoming seasons wouldn’t touch on Khloe and Lamar Odom’s marital issues including his alleged infidelity and drug use. Over the past several weeks its come out that Lamar’s father has battled a drug addiction to heroin for years and Lamar lost his mother to cancer when he was just 12.

Now that part of their lives seems so interesting…the real stuff. Not the stuff about them vacationing on a yacht in Greece and now trying to drag Brody Jenner on the show to create new drama between he and Kris. I’ll tread lightly here for many reasons but I think we both know that most reality shows have an element that isn’t real.

The point I’m trying to make is I just think the Kardashian’s have this great window right now do a REAL raw show on how difficult, fame, addiction, and family issues are. Think of how many people Khloe and Lamar could help if they talked about their ‘sticky stuff?’ I have a brother who’s a recovering alcoholic, I lost my dad when I was 15, and I have friends who have and are currently cheating on their partners. What I now realize is that life is never black and white…there is so much gray and when you can look around and see how many people are dealing with shit in their lives it gives all of us hope that that life brick on our chest that is suffocating us will be a little lighter tomorrow. Wouldn’t it be amazing if Khloe and Lamar did that for thousands of other people in similar situations? I bet it would change a lot more lives and bring a whole new respect to the K family than another scene of them on the golf course.

So now…does anyone have a number where I can reach Khloe, Kris, or Lamar? I think I’m going to start a petition! The KHLOE AND LAMAR FOR REAL SHOW! What…too much? I’d love to know if you think the Odom’s dealing with their real issues would be compelling?

Email me anytime or anything:

PS – and don’t you think all the selfies that Khloe posts on her Instagram are supposed to be her loving life but are really just sad? Its like when you go thru a bad breakup and you lose a ton of weight only to gain it back when you realize your sad feelings are still there.

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  1. shannon

    no…don’t hv their number! but! im sure she would love grabbing a drink (or ten) w u.sure ull get ur chance

  2. Jessica

    I feel like the show has almost turned into a sitcom, with fake "drama" that always seems to resolve itself by the end of the’s funny that they’ve made a living from showing their lives on TV but now it seems like they all want privacy and I think it’s causing people to lose interest because like you said, it’s not as "real."

  3. Sarah Fraser

    Dee – thanks so much:) I really appreciate you leaving a comment and I’m with ya…I loved the show. xo, sf

  4. dee

    I totally agree. Used to love the show when it first started and it felt real. I hardly ever watch the new seasons now. Love all your posts Sarah!

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