The Deep Dark Secret Test

I happened to come across this quiz on an old prep site I use to frequent, I love fun quizzes so I decided to share with you. Take it and let me know if the answers were right on or total BS!? :0 My answers are at the bottom. 

Have fun and email anytime:



Answer what comes naturally to you. Take time to really imagine
yourself in the situation.

1. Imagine yourself on board a boat that is sinking. You manage to
swim to a lifeboat and climb in. How many people do you see in the

2. You row yourself to shore and see a vast desert before you. You
collect some belongings and the supplies you need and head out across
the desert in search of salvation. How many pairs of shoes do you use?

3. After much hard travel, you climb a rise of dunes and happily see a
city in the distance. You also notice, not far away, an oasis to the
side of you. Do you stop and rest at the oasis for as long as you want,
go there and rest for just a minute, or ignore it and keep heading
towards the city?

4. Upon entering the city, you see a castle that intrigues you and you
decide to go to it. After passing the gates, you find yourself walking
down the length of a long corridor leading to a throne room. You enter
and see a king and queen sitting side by side on the throne. What do
each the king and queen look like? What characteristics do they seem to

5. You leave and go down the spiral stairway. It’s dark and shadowy,
with torches lit intermittently along the walls. As your walking down,
a lady (if your a man) or a knight (if your a woman) from the court
passes you by. You only catch a glimps of thier face and they remind
you of someone you know. Who do you see?

6. The stairs lead you to a golden banquet room and you see this long
table with a golden goblet in the middle of the table. Look inside the
goblet, how full of wine is it?


1. An indication of how many true friends you have
2. How many true loves you’ll have before you get married
3. Your personal work ethic
4. If your a man,the way you describe thw queen is what you imagine
your ideal mate to look like, the same goes for the woman and how she
describes the king.
5. This is the person you’ll never get over for the rest of your life.
6. How full it is represents how much of yourself you give in


Here are my answers:)  Its all in fun but I actually thought some of them were true to me.

1) 4 true friends

2) 2 loves before I’ll get married

3) I stopped and rested for a minute. So I guess my work ethic involves taking breaks! HAHA

4) King is tall, larger man, with a beard, has light blonde hair, he’s wearing a robe, has a big smile, seems very witty. The Queen has long blonde hair, small crown, she’s laughing, loud, and fun. (Apparently I’ve just described my ideal mate) 

5) Hot baseball player I met at an event in DC 🙁 

6) the cup was filled to just below the rim so I guess life is good:)  



Response (3)
  1. shannon

    I had to share this

  2. Jen
    1. 3 true friends
      2. 1 true love before marriage
      3. go straight to the city without stopping
      4. both the king and the queen are tall and smiling
      5. i see an ex-boyfriend who was emotionally abusive
      6. the goblet is filled to the brim

    I like this quiz lol…except for the part where I never get over that ex :/

  3. Cp Powell

    7 true friends, 2 loves before I got married, rest at the oasis, as long as I wanted to, King was bearded, big and gruff (as is my husband), Knight looked liked my first boyfriend (who is still my friend after 30 years), wine glass was full to the brim…100 percent accurate…WOW!! Thank you Sarah!

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