Archive: January 2014

Compassion for Justin Bieber?

Being a celebrity subjects you to a certain amount of criticism, okay, a lot. Part of fame means you open yourself up to online abuse and late night fodder that just comes with the territory, but the recent abuse Justin Bieber received after begin arrested for DUI in Miami seemed like a new level...

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Samy K and Sarah from The Kane Show Part 4 of Where Are They Now?

Here is Part 4, the final part of Samy K and Sarah from The Kane Show 'Where Are They Now" - Samy and I chat about the following....Would we ever do a show together?Is Samy moving to NYC?How the heck are Samy K and I currently paying the bills?Would our show make it in NYC and beyond?Thank you...

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Samy K and Sarah from the Kane Show reunion Interview Part 3

Here's Part 3 of our 4 Part reunion interview. Part 4 will be released on this blog on Sunday. In this episode Samy and I chat about the following... What radio do we listen to now that we're no longer on air?What's up with our past and present dating lives? Follow us on Twitter: Samy k -...

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Advantage Financial

Advantage Financial is a DC based Credit Union! Earn $50 when you open a new account!