Archive: July 2014

My Secret Is Almost Out.

Wow! This is a big day for me. If you would have told me a year ago that I would be back home in the DMV after moving to NYC I wouldn't have believed you. I would have thought you were certifiable cray. This moment is amazing. I'm excited, nervous, and a little scared to not only be living my...

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What to say when a friend wants some free promotion!?

Dear Sarah, A friend of mine has decided that he's going to launch his own podcast and called me to ask if I would promote it on my Twitter and Facebook pages with the link. I have a healthy online following from blogging. More than 10k Twitter followers and 7k Facebook followers. I would say...

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Will Soccer ever be as big as Football and Baseball in the US?

I'm currently a host at Break Thru Radio in NYC. Every week I hit the streets and ask people their thoughts on a topical question. Soccer has been on everyone's mind but will it stick around now that the US is out of the World Cup? Here's what you had to say. You can see my Pulse pieces every...

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