Archive: November 2014

DC Round 2

I feel like you and I haven't had a good heart to heart with you in awhile. This whole having a job again is a lot of work. HA. I gotta say I'm really enjoying DC part 2. Coming back has been a lot more relaxing and exciting than I ever imagined. My little apartment in Clarendon is almost...

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My Podcast…From Anatomy to Zen: Pop Culture Edition

Hello my loves. This week on my podcast a little look at pop culture…the Bethenny Frankel pix that had me saying WHAAAT? How do you get self-esteem with my friend Flounder and Dave Grohl has the only words you need to live by. Love to know your feedback on my podcast…or when you share...

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Sarah Fraser Podcast From Anatomy to Zen: Plant Based Nutrition!

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="800.0"] Paul Chatlin doing his thing with Plant Based Nutrition   [/caption] Over the past couple of years I've read a lot about plant based diets and nutrition. So I was super excited about this weeks podcast...on Anatomy to Zen my friend Paul Chatlin...

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