love at first sight…is it required for forever after?

Finally, a quiet afternoon for me. I’m sitting in my bed here in my new apartment in Arlington and just reflecting on how much has happened in my life in the the last four months. Moving back to DC from NYC, starting a new new morning show with Ty, Mel, and Samy, moving in with my boyfriend, and helping my mom thru her last treatments of chemo feels like climbing a mountain when I think about it. 

I feel like I can begin to catch my breath now and really start to be in the moment of this exciting and challenging chapter of my life. As with every step I take in my career and personal life I like to share it with you in hopes maybe some small moment or change I made might help you. 

So I ‘ve been thinking about this question for awhile and I wanted to know your thoughts on it…is love at first sight required for forever after? Do you have to know the minute you meet someone that you’re going to marry them or in reality is that a feeling that grows over time once you get to know the person? 

I had this stop me in my tracks moment last week when I was interviewing a woman in Dupont Circle for a story for Fox 5. We were talking about intuition and when you listen to it. She said that intuition was what brought her to marrying her husband, which I found sooo interesting and I could totally relate to. She said that she never had a love at first sight moment when she met him, but instead, over time she just listened to her gut that he was a good man and decided she wanted to create a life with him. I was shocked…maybe this happens all the time but normally all I hear from people is they knew the night they met their partners they were going to marry or they had a feeling they’d been hit by lightening the moment they kissed. 

I’m sure that happens all the time but does it happen to everyone? I feel like I might not be a love at first sight type of person. The more I get to know myself the more I realize the picture I’ve painted in my mind and the reality of what is is much messier and filled with second guesses than I thought. I’ve never been a big relationship girl, which I’m wondering if that plays a part in it? I’ve always had the attitude that if I want to be with someone I will and I’ve never feared being alone. Maybe that independent attitude makes it harder to believe that you meet someone and know for certain that you’re going to marry them. 

SO I wondered what you think? Do you believe that love at first sight is required for forever after or it just depends on the person? What have you seen? Have you seen strong marriages where the couple didn’t have a huge AHA moment the second they met? LOVE to know your thoughts….

Comment below. Xoxo, Sarah 

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  1. mona

    I met my husband at work and it was never love at first sight…I think marriage is 25% love and 75% logic 🙂 sounds terrible but really I think its a logical decision….what I did after Bill proposed to me was to write down the positive and negative issues which will always be with us if we did get married…read thru the list and made a logical decision….im serious and we have been married for 5.5 years with two kids happy and whenever stuff about him bother me I just remember that I knew this before I married him 🙂 so no I don’t think love at first sight is required for a happy marriage….if both people want the same thing, make a list and go thru it several time and decide…..

  2. Shannon

    I was friends with my husband for 4 years before we ever even considered dating. He was always a good friend to me and we had so much in common. But it was completely platonic. He had other girlfriends and I had other boyfriends. Then one day it just clicked…we got married in June and he is my best friend. I am having the time of my life spending everyday with him as my husband.

  3. Mike

    My SIL was in town over the summer and on the drive to Busch Gardens, we discussed a lot of things. Something I didn’t know is she knew one month after dating my brother (freshman year of college for both), she was going to marry him. That floored me. I mean, 18-19 years old, and you know you found the right one? Nearly 13 years of marriage later and 2 kids, they are still together.

  4. Kim

    I didn’t even know I was interested in my husband until after several conversations with him. He would come into the bar where I worked and on slow nights we would be able to talk for a while, but it was completely platonic. I never even considered him romantically until we were able to hang outside of the bar. It definitely wasn’t love at first sight, it was more like realizing there wasn’t anyone else either of us could stand seeing every single day, so we should probably get married. We’ve been together over 9 years, married almost 6 and I’m still not sick of him.

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