Sarah Fraser Podcast From Anatomy to Zen: A toxic friend gets married should you reach out and men who ‘politely’ go ghost!

I LOVE helping you out with your advice questions. It’s an honor and always interesting to hear what is going on in your life. This week my podcast focused on your advice questions and there were some good ones. 

Like what do you do about the guy who politely goes ghost? He never texts you back when you want to make plans but instead likes to randomly ask you how your day is going….urgh, he’s fishing:/

And what about a toxic friend that you cut ties with years ago but just got married…do you reach out to congratulate her or is that opening a door for that toxic energy to come walking back in? 

Enjoy this week’s podcast and please feel free to leave your advice question below in comments or send an mp3 of your question to 

xoxo, frase 


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