Bethenny Frankel’s latest picture reminds me why we must keep talking about Weight

Should we keep talking about women’s weight? I go back and forth on this topic all the time. I have moments when I think no matter what a woman’s size is when we comment on her weight good or bad we’re feeding into a vicious cycle of putting more emphasis on body image than spirit, intelligence, and kindness. On the other hand when I see picture’s like Bethenny Frankel’s latest instagram post I’m reminded why we HAVE to keep talking about women’s weight.

Reality star and talk show host Bethenny Frankel is one of my favorite women. I ADORE her. She’s funny, totally genuine on camera, and is great at being vulnerable and real no matter what show she’s doing. But the picture she posted on instagram of herself this week holding up her latest book was scary. She is so thin. It was obvious from the 500 comments she received before the picture was pulled the majority of her fans felt the same way. After reading those comments I have to say that we MUST keep commenting on weight. Pictures like Bethenny’s tell young women that success goes hand and hand with being unrealistically thin. As a former anorexic, bulimic, and binge dieter I can tell you these women are eating NOTHING.

It literally scares me when I see pictures of Giuliana Rancic, Nicole Ritchie, and Bethenny Frankel. I love all these women but I wish they would just come forward and talk about the pressures to be thin in Hollywood instead of pretending that they’re naturally thin. How many friends do you have in real life that are the size of any of these celebrities? I have none. Most people have none because its not normal!

I’m sure a lot more is going on with Bethenny than we know. She had her talk show cancelled and she’s been in a bitter custody battle, stressful things. But I think its important to keep the conversation going that these women are sending a scary message, success has to equal being thin. I just get really fired up. I wish Bethenny would explain more about what was going on instead of posting and pulling her picture. I can remember when I was 16 buying every magazine and literally cutting out pictures of Kate Moss…thinking I’ll be happy once I’m this size…I’ll be successful and rich when I look like Kate. Those images are nearly impossible to achieve and btw have nothing to do with your happiness nor does it guarantee success. Real life is filled with hard work, amazing success, and the reality of loss, heartache, and uncontrollable circumstances.

I would love to know your thoughts…Should we talk about women’s weight or is the conversation damaging?

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XoXo, Frase

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