My brother talks about getting sober and how do you find your passion?

My brother Seth in Bangor, Maine 

My brother Seth in Bangor, Maine 

Its been about 4 weeks now since I’ve started doing my once a week additional podcast called, The Sarah Fraser Show: From Anatomy to Zen. So every Tuesday after Sarah, Ty, and Mel I do a podcast that is truly ANYTHING GOES.  On the morning show we get to cover dozens of topics but only for a short period of time…now with the podcast I never have to stop. 

I’ve already received wonderful emails from many of you asking for advice or relating to some of the topics. Please keep them coming. My whole goal is to share with you what I’ve learned so far in life and what I’m still learning. I hope by doing that and interviewing some cool people along the way you might discover something new about yourself or believe something you never thought you would. 

You can listen and download more podcasts over on my podcast page.  Enjoy and feel free to email me anytime anything:

Hope you’ve had a chance to check out Sarah, Ty, and Mel on DC’s 107.3. Thank you. 

xo, Sarah 

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