DC Round 2

I feel like you and I haven’t had a good heart to heart with you in awhile. This whole having a job again is a lot of work. HA. I gotta say I’m really enjoying DC part 2. Coming back has been a lot more relaxing and exciting than I ever imagined. 

My little apartment in Clarendon is almost done. I should be getting a couch this week…a rug is coming next and now I just need to find a handy man that can attach a 48 inch TV to the wall. I never dreamed I’d love living on the VA side as much as I am. When I first moved to DC 9 years ago I can remember saying that I’d never live outside DC proper but things always change. I’m discovering all kinds of great spots in Clarendon. My favorite bakery is LeoNora. I think I’ve literally eaten every pastry concoction she’s invented. Key Lime pie tart, cream puff, chocolate decadence, and my favorite her chocolate powder sugar cookies. I still haven’t had brunch at A-town which everyone says is a must. 

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